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Photography: Pets and People – Get down on their level

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March 12, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

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Do you hate it when you take a picture and the little guys have to look up? For kids and pets, it means getting down at their level. To take the picture, hold your camera at the subject’s eye level. For me, it means getting on by knees to take that great picture of Fido.

Also remember, they don’t have to be looking directly at the camera. Most of the moments that capture the most mesmerizing smiles or look into the sole of a person come from those where the camera isn’t the main focus.

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One Response to “Photography: Pets and People – Get down on their level”
  1. Michel Roy says:

    Now that everyone is gone digital it’s no big deal or expense (for developping) to set your camera at a wide angle and just take a photo by lowering camera to floor f kids or pets are lying on the ground. It is not necessary to look in viewer, just aim camera at ramdom and take photos. You can always crop later with photo editor. You’ll be surprised at the outcome

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