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Action Line: $500,000 in Five Years

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September 13, 2010 by · 6 Comments 

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The Good Sam Club’s Action Line consumer-advocacy program has recovered half a million dollars for members with RV, travel and business disputes since September 2005, when the club began tallying refunds generated by the program. Since 1981, Good Sam’s Action Line has assisted tens of thousands of club members, solving problems, cutting through red tape and recouping millions of dollars. Look for a sample of Action Line letters and resolutions in each issue of the Good Sam Club’s monthly print and online magazine, Highways.

Good Sam members can get help with consumer issues by writing to Action Line, P.O. Box 8545, Ventura, CA 93002. Send a brief letter of explanation and, if applicable, include copies of receipts or other pertinent records. Good Sam members can also submit their disputes online on the Good Sam website. To do so, click here.

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6 Responses to “Action Line: $500,000 in Five Years”
  1. John says:

    Great job!

  2. Ron Williams says:

    This summer while my wife and I were on a trip from east Tennessee to southwest Montana, we had a problem with a tire on our 5th wheel.

    We have the Good Sam Emergency Road Service. While in transit in Missouri, I noticed in my rear view mirror that we failed to fold our handhold against the side of the trailer at the door. I stopped at the side of the road to put the handhold away and while doing so, I checked all tires on the truck (which were new) and the tires on the trailer (which were not). One of the trailer tires had a split in the tread and a loss of some of the tread rubber. The tire was still inflated.

    I called Good Sam on my cell phone and told them where I was headed and that I would need a service call to change the tire to the spare (which was new and unused). Since I was between towns, I told them which town (Sedalia) I would be in within 20 minutes and that I would need road service there. I was told to call them back when I got to the town and they would arrange for a service call to change the tire.

    We arrived in Sedalia within 20 minutes and called Good Sam Emergency Road Service back. I told them we were in a WalMart parking lot near the entrance and would remain there until the service truck arrived. An hour later, following a brief but heavy rain, a AAA flat bed service truck arrived. I told the driver that I needed a spare tire mounted where the damaged tire was. He said he didn’t know how to do that on an RV and that the didn’t have tools or jack to do it anyway. He suggested that I take the trailer to WalMart and have them do it. The WalMart was closed due to a power outage from the storm and was not an option.

    The driver got into his truck and drove away never to return. I call Good Sam back and was told they would try to get another person to help with the tire change. I waited another 45 minutes and no one showed up. So we got back on the road and traveled about 20 miles to Warrensburg where we had the bad tire replaced with a new one. I called Good Sam ERS to let them know what had happened.

    I think Good Sam ought to pay me some amount against the purchase of a new tire (cost $130 + tax) since they failed to provide the needed road service in accordance with the terms of service.

    Incidentally, I spoke with a representative from Good Sam after we returned home who said I would be sent a claim form to fill out. It has never arrived and we’ve been home for over 2 months now. This doesn’t speak well for Good Sam and I’m considering not renewing the road service next year. Since AAA was the “service” respondent, I don’t have too much confidence that they would be an acceptable substitute for Good Sam either.

    Can you help?

  3. Highways says:

    To submit your dispute to Action Line, send an e-mail to or write to Action Line, Box 8545, Ventura, CA 93002. Include the explanation you posted here and copies of receipts or other pertinent records.

  4. Mike Waddell says:

    I have been using The Good Sam road service since 2004. Having traveled the whole U.S. in my RV and towing a vehicle, I have seen every situation that makes RV ing such and adventure. Each time that I have had to use the road service has been an excellent experience. Service people have been professional and courteous. You staff that receives incoming calls are wonderful. I have never had a road service company that can live up to the stadard set by the Good Sam Road Service. I have reccomended it to several other friends who have signed up.

  5. Luis P Couto says:

    This is a copy of a letter my mother inlaw sent to Cruise America looking for answers/help with the problems we had during our family vacation to South Carolina> Anyone know a beter way or have any advise please help!
    I am writing this letter to file a formal complaint. I picked up unit 300898 on Friday the 18th. My husband brought it home and to my dismay it wasn’t clean properly and had several damages on the interior. I ended up delaying my departure to clean the unit throughly. The tires were low and it was dead on E. The kid that did the walk through said ” don’t worry about the interior we are only concerned with the outside for damages.” I called to compliant and the girl gave us this website to file this complaint. Saturday morning we were on the road, I had to call customer service again because the windows and doors weren’t shutting properly. The moulding around the top bed was so lose it was shaking causing further interior damage, the outside light was out also. The window frames are so bad while driving they were rattling open and caused a tremendous noise. A second call was placed that same day, we were instructed to go to a CA dealer in VA., but unfortunately the traffic was so bad we didn’t make it there until after 7:00pm. So we drove on to Hemingway SC. We parked the unit and borrowed my stepmother’s truck so we didn’t have to use the RV. We were told everything was closed because of the long weekend. Monday we drove to Myrtle Beach, which is about 90 miles away. Called for Travel Assistance again, the RV was having drivability issues It was all over the road and the brakes were squealing. At this point I was extremely upset and had to continue using my stepmothers truck because I was afraid to let my grandchildren and pregnant daughter ride in the RV. We were instructed to take the RV to a “professional” so that they could assess the unit. Monday from 2:00pm to 4:10pm the RV went to All Season RV, 8550 Hwy 544, Myrtle Beach, Sc. He fix the moulding, changed the light bulb and looked at the windows. When asked to check the other issues he stated he wasn’t equipped to check the tires, brakes or steering box!! My family and I tried to have some fun so we decided to postpone an additional call until Wednesday. Wednesday we placed another call to inquire how the drivability issue was going to be handled. We were instructed to drive the unit to a Good Year Dealer, 750 S Kings Hwy, Surfside Beach SC 813-238-3339. We are complaining of a potential steering and or brake and tire issue yet were instructed to drive it. UNBELIEVABLE! Thurs. the unit was dropped off @ 10:17. Low and behold the unit needed two front tires and front brakes. We were down from 10:17am to 2:58pm, we had to buy breakfast and lunch out and again was delayed heading back to Hemingway to visit with the kids disable great-grandmother. Back in Hemingway around 9:30pm we started to pack up when my brother noticed a hugh chuck missing form one of the back tires exposing the steel belt. At this point, I was completely freaking out. Yet again for the unteenth time my husband called Travel Assistance. I’m not sure where they found the service man but he didn’t show up until 1:00am and didn’t finish until 2:10am. He had a hard time taking the tire off and putting on the spare. He also noted the tire should have been checked at the Good Year Dealer. The tire appeared dirty with brake dust, which indicated that GY didn’t check the back tires or brakes at all. WE didn’t leave until Friday around 10:00am and had to skip stopping in NC to visit our relatives there. We had to make one more stop in Fayetteville to pick up a spare, incase something else were to happen. That service took us off the highway and 45 minutes down. I have pictures of the condition of the unit and the tire. I was offered 2 days off the rental and 50.00 for my troubles. I feel that that would be a hugh slap in the face.
    * I drove 846 miles in a unit with bad brakes and tires
    * Was instructed to continue to drive it to a service center after complaining of a drivability issue
    * Lost an entire day visiting with my mother
    *lost out completely visiting with our relatives in NC
    *paid the mileage to service your unit
    * paid for food while the unit was down
    *Had to use my stepmother truck for safety and the fact that my 3yr grandson has Epilepsy and has sensory issues and the noise from the rattles could have sent him into a fit. The rattling was so bad I couldn’t hear my daughter sitting on the couch while I was on the dinette.
    * My husband just started a job and only has one week of vacation and that was it. The VACATION from Hell.
    I truly feel I should have the entire trip refunded. I am extremely disappointed about the entire experience. I can’t stress how important vacation time is to our family. We are all professionals and treasure our time off. This has effected myself, my husband, my daughter, son n law and two grandchildren 3 and 1. I would your appreciate to this matter as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me for the service slips or any further information.
    Diane L Lord
    Diane Lord

  6. Thanks for sharing your story and sorry to hear about all of your troubles. If you are a Good Sam Club member you can submit your complaints to our Action Line department. They try to help those such as yourself to make the situation right.

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