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No More Mice in My RV, Please

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December 1, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

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Good Sam Club on FacebookDirections/Tip: Here’s another tip for keeping the mice out of RVs. We use dryer sheets (Bounce) or any brand. We put them in areas that are out of site, such as lower cabinets and storage areas. Four years ago we had mice that ate into our heating duct and built a nest in the duct. We cleaned and fixed duct (good old duct tape), spread dryer sheets, and haven’t had any mice since.

  • Brian Johnson >> I’ve been told by a fellow RVer that he used an off brand, and his sister used Bounce in campers parked next to each other, he had mice while she didn’t. Stick with the Bounce.
  • Darcy Waterman Paradis >> Bay leaves also work well. We just place them throughout the camper and inside the storage spaces.
  • Jeff Mueller >> Nice to know! I was going to throw Critter Ridder all over the place to make sure I didn’t get any.

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3 Responses to “No More Mice in My RV, Please”
  1. Pat Malone says:

    We have 2 RV’s. One is set up permanently at a campsite in WA state on a wooded lake site. We have used Bounce Dryer sheets in it for 13 years without “nary” a mouse. Other campers are inundated with mice until we tell them about the dryer sheets. They really work. One warning though, don’t put them too close to the carbonmonoxide detector as they may cause it to go off! We also use them in our Class A RV which is stored 6-months of the year and have never had a mouse problem in it. When we store the Class A, I always put some in the Propane Compartment as well as in the Gen-Set compartment. NOTE – don’t forget to remove those before driving. They do lose their scent – so I toss the old ones out every several months and put new ones out. Most people don’t believe you until they try it. Don’t be stingy with the sheets – in our 37-footer, I probably put out 40 or 50 at a time. We never have spiders either, so I think it keeps them at bay also!

  2. Pat Young says:

    I need help, what products clean a rubber roof, have tried several, but do not work that well.

    I need to re-roof my motor home, it is 17 yrs old, rubber roof. I can not afford a new rubber roof, the price quoted was 8-$11,000. Is there a cheaper product I can use. Were talking OLD motor home

  3. Good Sam says:

    Pat – yes, we agree. Cleaning that rubber roof can be a challenge. Camping World offers several products for this that are very affordable and come highly recommended. Check out the Dicor products at the link below: Hope this helps!

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