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Las Cruces Update – Good Sam’s Parking Rights Council

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January 31, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

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When it comes to RV parking rights, knowledge is power. Take the case of Rick and Sharon Alm, Good Sam members who almost ran afoul of the Las Cruces, New Mexico, city council when local leaders considered an ordinance requiring RV pads to be more than 5 feet from property lines. The couple realized that they and many of their friends would violate the law if it was passed, so he contacted Good Sam’s Parking Rights Council

It was a smart move. A Parking Rights Council member advised Rick that he had “grandfather” rights. Using that information, Rick persuaded the city council to drop the 5-foot-setback provision.

The Parking Rights Council can help you too with legal insights and the ability to mobilize members in your area. You can e-mail the Parking Rights Council at or call 800-880-0440.

To learn more, visit our Parking Rights page. You can also check the RV Parking database and order the free RV Parking Rights Manual.

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