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Need Help Choosing Your Next Campground?

Posted By Good Sam On February 14, 2011 @ 9:29 am In RV News | 2 Comments

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Use the Trailer Life Directory Triple Rating System to Help Make the Decision Easier.

Annually, Trailer Life Directory sends out 32 couple–teams to visit and evaluate each private RV Park [4] and campground in North America. These rep inspection teams are veteran RVers who receive comprehensive training before they head out on the road and additional training throughout the year.

You will notice in your 2011 Trailer Life RV Parks & Campgrounds Directory [5] and on the Good Sam Club website that each RV Park and campground is given three ratings all Official Directory of the GSC - RV Campgrounds Directory [6]based on a scale of one to ten. This is called the Trailer Life Directory Triple Rating System. Some of you may already be using these ratings to help you choose your campground, but others may not be aware of this benefit.

The Trailer Life Directory Triple Rating System is divided into three categories: Completeness of Facilities, Cleanliness and Physical Characteristics of Restrooms and Showers, and Visual Appearance and Environmental Quality. So, what does this mean for you?

Here is the breakdown of each category:

Completeness of Facilities: In this category, the park’s rating is based on interior roads, registration area, sites, hookups, recreation, swimming, security, laundry, services, and internet access.

Cleanliness and Physical Characteristics of Restrooms and Showers: The focus of this category is on the cleanliness of the restrooms, including toilets, walls, showers, sinks, and floors and also on the physical characteristics of the restrooms, meaning the interior construction, adequate supplies, odor free, location to park spaces and appearance. If a park received full points in the cleanliness of the restroom, a star will appear next to their restroom rating.

Visual Appearance and Environmental Quality: A park can score points in 10 subcategories that measure how harmoniously they blend with their natural surroundings. These subcategories are function of signage, litter and debris around the park, exterior maintenance, noise, trash disposal, park setting and finally the appearance of entrance area, park grounds and sites.

As you can see, the Triple Rating System is comprehensive and covers every aspect of what RVers look for when choosing a campground. Hopefully, the next time you use your 2011 Trailer Life Directory [5] or the website to find a RV park, you will have a better understanding of what the ratings represent.

All of the RV parks that earn a perfect score of 10/10/10 for 2011 are listed at the beginning of the 2011 Trailer Life Directory. For a list of the 100+ Top Rated Good Sam Parks, visit the Good Sam Club website [7].

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