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Is the Fridge Fixed Yet? — Action Line

Posted By Good Sam On March 30, 2011 @ 2:43 pm In Club News,RV News | 5 Comments

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Betty_Abramson-Action-Line-RV-Help [4]By Betty Abramson

On November 10, 2010, we had our refrigerator serviced for the Norcold recall issue. Then on November 26, 2010, our refrigerator stopped working. The code told us we must have a service repair person fix the problem. Since this was the day after Thanksgiving, and we were in the middle of North Carolina in a campground, we could not find a dealer that was open. Even calling Norcold was not an option because they were closed also. We finally found a mobile RV repairman who came to the park and looked at the refrigerator. He finally determined that the problem was the mechanism “recall fix” that had been installed on November 10. We had no way of fixing the fridge until we could get to a qualified dealer who could order the part. The service call cost us $122.50. After losing all our food, we simply did not use the fridge until we got home.

Once home, we worked with the dealer where we bought out fifth-wheel to get the new part. As it was, the part did not arrive until early January. We have spoken with Norcold without success about getting reimbursed for the $122.50. Their only response is that we did not use a qualified/registered repairman. Not being satisfied with that response, we were told to send an e-mail to Norcold explaining the situation. An e-mail was sent on 12/21/10 and to date we have not received any response. We understand the issue about having a qualified repairman do the recall fix, but we had no idea the problem was the recall box. If someone from Norcold had been available to help us on Novenber 26, the situation may not have occurred. In the end we did lose the contents of the fridge, but until we figured out the problem, we were trying to not be confronted with that problem.

We would like to be reimbursed for the $53 service charge and the 122.50 for the service call.

James and Sharon Gregory
Anna, Texas


February 14, 2011

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gregory,

We received a letter on your behalf from Highways/Action Line regarding service to your Norcold refrigerator. In it you included a copy of an e-mail that you had sent to Norcold. Upon investigation, we regret that we never responded to your concerns. The details included in your correspondence to Action Line were helpful to us in documenting and investigating the issues that you raised.

We would like to extend to you reimbursement for the service charges of $53 and $122.50 that you incurred as documented. We will be sending you a check in the amount of $175.50.

Tammy Eberhart Customer Service Administrative Assistant

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