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April 13, 2011 by · 16 Comments 

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The Good Sam Club is serious about growing the club and bringing together more friends, more fun and, of course, lots of great savings.  We would like to show our sincerity with the announcement of some great new club benefits and the opportunity for great savings on RV accessories at Camping World.

Here are some of the new and expanded benefits available to Good Sam Club Members:

  • Good Sam Club members will enjoy EXTRA savings at with a NEW feature called “Golden Halo” savings.   Each day the website will showcase a unique savings opportunity on RV products and services exclusively for members!  Look for this great new savings benefit starting Monday, April 18th.
  • Beginning in June, long-standing Good Sam Club members will gain access to a whole new way of saving at Good Sam Parks.  Members who have been active continuously for one year or more can go on-line to and register for Good Sam Park rebate coupons.  These coupons are good for extra savings on future stays at any Good Sam Park.  As a long-standing member, you can also take advantage of seasonal or last minute camping offers available through participating parks.  Visit the site as often as you like.
  • Good Sam members will receive the new and improved HIGHWAYS magazine.  Starting in June, the newly expanded book will include MORE of what you love like tech tips, how-to, chapter news, new product information, games, recipes and special offers for members!
  • Join Good Sam at the greatest RV show on earth.  “The Rally” sponsored by Good Sam has been expanded and will feature top name entertainers, RVs on display, fun and educational seminars, tons of products at great prices and more.  The Rally will kick off in July in Redmond, Oregon with its new format and will feature country music superstar Vince Gill.   In 2012 the club will host three rallies conveniently located across the country.
  • Good Sam has begun the aggressive expansion of our Good Sam Park network.  Club members already can enjoy terrific savings at over 1,700 Good Sam parks.  Each week more parks will be added to the network with the goal of over 2,000 by year end!  More parks equal more savings.
  • Good Sam Club members can now enjoy 10% off installation fees at Camping World every day.
  • Enjoy EXCLUSIVE members only savings on Good Sam endorsed products like Emergency Road Service, Vehicle Warranty protection and RV insurance.  These negotiated group rates are available ONLY to Good Sam Club members and offer savings of up to 30% and more.
  • Good Sam Club members can renew your membership on-line at or and save 5% off the regular one-year renewal rate.  Sign up for automatic renewal on-line and save an additional 5%!  Look for this great new savings benefit starting Monday, April 18th.

In addition to these new Good Sam Club benefits, see these exciting announcements to spread the word about the great fun and savings available to you as a member:

Camping World is hosting the first annual “National Good Sam Club Days”.  National Good Sam Club Days will be celebrated Thursday, April 14 through Sunday, April 17 at all Camping World locations nationwide and will include 4-Day-Only Coupon Specials, FREE daily seminars, FREE snacks and FREE lunch and other great money-saving offers.  Plus, attendees can register to win a free year of Camping at the 1,700 Good Sam Club RV Parks nationwide. Coupons and additional information for the 4-Day Only Specials on products and services can be found in all Camping World retail stores and online at

The Good Sam Club wants to spread the word about the great fun and savings available to you as a member.  To spread the word, Good Sam has asked for help from country music superstar Tim McGraw.  He will serve as a spokesperson for the Good Sam Club and we’ll lend support to McGraw’s 2011 “Emotional Traffic Tour”. Look for Tim McGraw to be featured on the cover of the upcoming edition of the Camping World and Good Sam Club magazine, Highways.   Also, Camping World and Good Sam will offer members a chance to participate in special VIP ticket giveaways to McGraw’s “Emotional Traffic” tour and possibly win an exclusive meet-and-greet opportunity in an upcoming sweepstakes.

And in another exciting announcement, Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne and his Wood Brothers Race Team will carry the colors of the Good Sam Club in the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday, April 17 and in the NASCAR® Sprint All Star Race on May 21.   For the sport of NASCAR® and for the legions of fans of Bayne and the Wood Brothers, the sponsorship from the Good Sam Club fits right in with the spirit of the camping club, whose members join together for outdoor excursions.

Our commitment to you is bigger than ever.  We realize you spend your hard earned money to be a member of Good Sam Club and expect value in return.  We will continue to work hard in the future to add more benefits, more savings, and more fun.


Marcus Lemonis                                                                               Sue Bray

Chairman and CEO                                                                          Member Advocate

Good Sam Club                                                                                 Good Sam Club

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16 Responses to “Exciting Good Sam Club News”
  1. Don Mattocks says:

    Please tell Camping World that I would love to buy more from them but the nearest store is over 300 miles from here (Spokane Washington), a large city with lots of RVers. Having to pay state tax AND shipping costs makes Camping World prohibitively expensive. I understand Camping World did have plans to put a store nearer to Spokane, but for some reason has not. Thank you.

  2. Donnie Anderson says:

    I strongly advise anyone not to buy a used Motor Home from Camping World! They are the best about painting over majour RUST and Other Problems that will bite you in the wallet after you drive out the door. I do not know about Diesel Motor Homes but on Gas Motor Homes they are the best about turning off all the check engine lights and then telling you that they have fixed all of the problems. They can make a 6 year old camper look brand new and swear that all you need to do is put your cloths and groceries in it and head across country any where you may want to go even Alaska. When we took it back to them 6 days later they said read the contract SOLD AS IS. We used it one time in 14 months, it spent the rest of the time in the shop, $12,000.00 later we traded it.

    Tallahassee, FL

  3. Daniel Koch says:

    We use Camping World a lot and have always had a good experience. Our primary store is in Las Vegas and their shop is excellent.

  4. James Adams says:

    Fortunately we have a Camping World near us in Byron, Georgia. I use them often. I recently had them in stall an Airlift kit on new F350. I discovered a leak on a trip. I returned the truck and they fixed the problem with no questions asked.

    Yesterday I had them repack my wheel bearings and adjust the brakes for a long trip we are taking into the Wisconsin, Illinois area in two weeks. They have always been courtious and professional.

    Going to Camping World is like a visit to “toyland” for adults.

    We will start full timing later this year and will count on Camping World to be one of the places we can get help.

  5. Cheryl Harris says:

    We bought our first motor home last fall and are loving it! We are the proud owners of a Newmar 2011 Canyon Star 3920 Toyhauler. I do believe Camping Worlds stock soared after our motor home purchase! We have bought mostly online, but have visited their Katy, Texas store as well. We have purchased everything from chairs, tables, step rugs, surge protector ( a must) as well as the usual items neccesary for the motorhome to function. We have also purchased a Cobra CB Radio since we want a back up for cell phone coverage while traveling and to use in conjunction with our motorcycles if needed.
    We purchased two chairs that were just too large and they sent us prepaid shipping labels since the discription of the chairs was inaccurate. We have been very pleased with Camping World!
    Take some time to browse their website and you will be amazed at all the great accessories you can find! My husband keeps asking ” Is that it now”? I think we are covered but you just never know!
    Wishing everyone safe travels!

  6. M. JEAN ERVING says:

    Certainly suggest joining as a “GS Lifetime Member”. No more concerns with missing dues or benefit with fixed rate. When you apply, all benefits will be explained.
    If a GS member for anytime, you’ll be given a rate to your advantage.
    Consider visiting Good Sam Chapters in your area. Join the one most comfortable that share your same interest and hobbies. You will find you will be during more week-end camping and perhaps cookouts.
    Happy Trails!!!.

  7. Ron Nagel says:

    Camping world has items that can not be found elsewhere and we love to buy from them however, their antiquated shipping policy of using UPS to CANADA makes the item out of reach cost wise. By the time UPS robs us the the shipping and brokerage costs are worth more than the item. This could all be eliminated if they would ship USPS (post office) for items under 50 pounds. I just bought a $50 item from Camping World in AZ and by the time UPS was done with me, the item cost me $126.00,,,Never again.

  8. Art Vanderleer says:

    Shopping at Camping World is great at one of their stores but when I went to order on line and looked at the shipping costs it was cheaper to buy in Canada. I will however keep up my memebership with them for the discount when I cross the border and for the magazines and catalogues they mail out. I think Camping World should set up some stores in Canada, they would do well, and us Canadians would have to wait to shop there until we go south.

    Happy Trails to all!

  9. Lloyd Wooden says:

    We are Lifetime Members of Good Sam. Our plaque for Lifetime Membership is faded and needs to be replaced. How do I order a new one and what is the cost? Thanks

  10. Sylvie Lien says:

    I totally agree with Ron Nagel and Art Vanderleer’s comments with respect to Camping World opening stores in Canada as well as changing how they ship items. Every time I want to buy something and I check with them first, I eventually end up ordering it from a competitor, also located in the U.S., but whose shipping costs are very low and affordable. So even if the item is a bit more, it’s still cheaper as we’re not paying UPS, and the service is also very quick.
    There’s something to be learned here. Just a thought!!!

  11. Russ Bilton says:

    So I keep seeing that longtime active members can register in June for Good Sam rebate coupons, and yet it now nearing the middle of June, and I can find nowhere to register!!!

  12. Ken Parkinson says:

    We are also frustrated at not being able to register for Good Sam Park Rebate Coupons. Has anyone found out how yet?

  13. Elaine Rich says:

    Right on Ken Parkinson. I also have been trying to figure out how to register for the park rebate coupons. In other words, I’m of no help to you, Ken. If the site has not been set up yet, it should not be listed in the Highway Magazine. Can anyone help the two of us??

  14. Luanne Metcalf says:

    I, too, want to register for the park rebate coupons mentioned in the June/July 2011 Highways Magazine. Now there are at least four of us looking.

  15. Peggy Wright says:

    I’ve also been looking to register for the park rebart coupons. I e-mailed Good Sam customer service 2 days ago with this question. I still haven’t heard back. Good Sam please respond to your customers!!

  16. Elaine and others have it right – although the June/July magazine tells about a link to get GS park rebate coupons, there’s no such link. This isn’t the first time they tell us in the magazine about “wonderful” deals that haven’t been built yet, leading to member frustration. After 30 years with them, I still get sucked in by this. Poor management.

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