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Oil and Coolant Analysis Experts JG Lubricant Services Join Good Sam’s Smile and Save Discount Program

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Oil and coolant analysis experts JG Lubricant Services [4] have joined forces with the Good Sam Club to offer 10% discounts on their oil and coolant analysis kits and sampling supplies through the club’s Smile and Save [5] program.

Whether your next trip is a short getaway to the lake for a weekend family retreat or you’re planning that trip of a lifetime, you’ll have peace of mind and increased confidence in knowing your RV’s engine, transmission, cooling system, and generator are as worry free as possible and ready to take on the open road.

It’s easy to order oil and coolant analysis kits. Simply go to the Smile and Save [5] page on the Good Sam Club website and click on JG Lubricant Services. You’ll learn about oil and coolant analysis and can order your own kit, which will be shipped to you. Simply follow the directions to gather the oil and coolant samples, and ship it back to them. You’ll receive a detailed report explaining exactly how your RV’s fluids are functioning.

President and owner of JG Lubricant Services Tom Johnson was formerly the transmission fluids engineer at Allison Transmission. He states: “JG Lubricant Services is dedicated to helping Good Sam members get the most from their RV’s driveline and generator equipment. Periodic oil and coolant sampling and analyses have been shown to safely extend drain intervals while effectively finding small issues with oils, coolants and equipment long before they can develop into expensive repairs that can take your RV off the road and into the garage.” Johnson goes on to say, “when you consider the amount of money you’ve invested in your RV and what your personal recreation time is worth, it’s clear that oil and coolant analysis is pretty cheap insurance, especially when you consider that it can significantly reduce your chances of facing expensive repair bills and RV downtime.”

Tom is also an active participant in Good Sam’s Class A Forum [6], answering technical questions on the Allison transmission, lubricants, lubrication, and oil analysis.

JG Lubricant Services offers an online store where you can pick up the items you’ll need to ensure your RV is ready for the road. Unlike some labs that offer only the minimum coverage, JG Lubricant Services offers two different oil analysis kits. Their basic kit provides basic coverage and checks oil for viscosity stability, contaminants, and wear metals. For those interested in getting the most from their oil dollar, the company offers an advanced kit that adds an oxidation test. JGLS’s motto says it best: Maintaining Oil and Equipment through Science.”

Go to the Smile and Save [5] page and click on JG Lubricant Services to learn more about oil and coolant analysis and start enjoying peace of mind right away by purchasing their oil and coolant analysis kits and supplies at guaranteed discounted prices.

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