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Action Line: Extended-Service Claim

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May 26, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

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Betty_Abramson-Action-Line-RV-HelpDear Action Line,

This spring, the diesel engine on my 2003 Coachmen motorhome needed a new turbocharger. I took it to Aptico, a Cummins dealer in Lindenhurst, New York, where the work was done. I submitted a claim to Interstate National Dealer Services under my policy for the amount of $4,754.13. I was told that they would pay only $3,220.10. I am hoping that you will be able to help me recover the full amount minus my $50 deductible.

John P. Walsh

Vendor Response:
I am in receipt of your letter concerning the above-mentioned Vehicle Service Contract (VSC). Upon review of the claim, Mr. Walsh was charged $2,794.60 for a turbocharger in which the manufacturer’s suggested retail price was verified to be $2,235.10. Our VSC does not cover markup of parts, therefore Mr. Walsh was responsible for the price difference.

Pertaining to the invoice, I noticed several parts that were not requested during the claims submission. These items total $124.23. I also noticed that the hourly labor rate authorized was less than the repair facility’s current hourly rate, a difference of $423.00. The remainder of the difference is in sales tax from which we are exempt in the state of New York.

In light of these circumstances, we are willing to reimburse the customer in the amount of $547.23, noted above.

David Harding, Jr. Claims Auditor

Dear Action Line,

Thank you for your assistance. It was a long process, but I finally got a check from Interstate last week for $547.23. I really appreciate your help in this matter.

John P. Walsh

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3 Responses to “Action Line: Extended-Service Claim”
  1. Carl Paulsen says:

    Regarding the action line in this months book…a gentlman was inquiring about getting reimbursement for the injectors on the Cummins motor. It was 2 years out of warranty. How could somebody ask for this??

  2. Thomas Riley says:

    What is an appointment ? Why make an appointment ?
    I had an appointment with Camping World in OKC to have the awning replaced in my 24″ travel trailer. I arrived at the OKC site earley to check in. I was told just drop your trailer and we will take of it for you. I informed service dept. I would be back in about an hour as I had other things to do.
    I returned about an hour later only to fine my trailer in the same place I droped it. I questioned the service dept. and asked what is the use in making an appointment. They said they would see what is going on. Well after about another hour my trailer was taken into the service ares to have the awning installed. An hour went by and still nothing. I walked back to the service dept to find my trailer outside and one man working on it. ( Finally )
    Almost 3 hours later my trailer was finished. I asked where the new parts were and why were then not put on the trailer (Lower mounting brackets The service tech said I have them . Do you want them.DAAAAAAA. I will never go back to Campinf world to any kind of service I paid the full labor price and I feel I should get about half of the labor back. For waiting almost 3 hours. Why even make an appointment.

  3. Good Sam says:

    Thomas – we certainly apologize on Camping World’s behalf regarding your unfortunate experience. Action Line would be happy to check into this for you. To submit a situation, click the link below and enter your information. Thanks for being a patient Good Sam member as we work to resolve your issue.

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