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HGTV “HOUSE HUNTERS” Looking for RVers

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June 1, 2011 by · 19 Comments 

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Their headline grabbed us…House Hunters is taking the hunt on the road…literally!

HTGV’s House Hunters is casting Buyers of RVs for an upcoming RV themed episode! Whether you’re seeking a primary residence on wheels, or a vacation home on-the-go, they want to hear your story!!!

Producers are looking for people who are seriously considering buying an RV or have recently purchased an RV to feature on the program. They are looking for people who have a fun, compelling story to tell about their interest in RV ownership, such as those looking for a life on wheels, planning a fabulous family vacation, or pursuing dreams across the U.S.

As each RV buyer is selected, the HOUSE HUNTERS production team will spend three days shooting with them: one day at their current home to set up the story; one day at the RV lot to tour three models; and one day on the road in the new RV.

Anyone interested should go to Pie Town Productions website for more information.

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19 Responses to “HGTV “HOUSE HUNTERS” Looking for RVers”
  1. Colleen Phipps says:

    There is a growing surge of discontent among current members of Good Sam. I hear it every time a group of RVers gets together. It seems that Good Sam has joined the group of companies that values only New members and not existing members. Current members are inundated with mail and email urging us to renew significantly in advance of our membership date at prices significantly higher than what is offered to new members. Our past loyalty goes unrewarded while new members are courted and please, don’t come back with the lifetime membership offer–you are just asking us to bet our money (not yours) that Good Sam will be there for our “lifetimes”. Good Sam will not grow if you lose current members even though you gain new members.

  2. Chris says:

    We have noticed that too, and that would be too bad if Good Sam loses its “old” members by being disillusioned at being hounded to join up even when their membership is current. I am hoping for a greater Good Sam community by sharing places to go and meeting other RV-ers! Traveling this way is great fun, but it’s especially fun when you can meet other RV-ers for a night or two to share stories or a meal. Don’t give up on Good Sam!

  3. sandra waldman says:

    I agree with Collen Phipps.

    I had that problem last year and suddenly discovered I was charged much more than previously.

    I called and had a conversation with someone, and they were only willing to give me a teeny bit off if I would join up for a much longer period.
    We are in our 70′s and have no idea how long we can be on the road, so why hound us this way?
    and on a pensioners budget we also do not want to pay for a life membership.

  4. TVid says:

    As a big fan of HGTV and House Hunters I’m interested in seeing these shows. It will certainly be a change from the current format. However nevering being in the RV market before I’m surprised to learn that there would be such a wide choice in RVs that you could do a House Hunters type show.

  5. Rose Kidder says:

    We have been Good Sam Lifetimers for about 10 years. We have noticed that the Life Members are only slightly recognized. I’m guessing because we are usually older, and perhaps don’t have as much money to spend. But I am glad we got the Lifetime Membership. The HGTV show would be great. But I notice they were not interested in hearing the stories of members with older RVs. We have been RVing since 1996. We put 40,000 miles on our first little one – it was used. We still have our second one – a 1999 Sea Breeze. We have over 154,000 miles on this gas rig. My husband maintains it for the most part, and we keep it upgraded as much as possible. Sometimes it’s good to take care of the old and really make it pay for itself. We travel about 4 months per year. The gas prices slowed us down some this year, but we save our nickels and pennies, and away we go.
    We love to see America, we love to meet other RVers, and we like taking our pets, and sometimes grandchildren, with us. And we too are on a pensioners budget – for the last 6 years. We say, go until you can’t go. And enjoy every minute!!!

  6. Jack Fanning says:

    We are Good Sam Life members. The HGTV people have nothing to do with what type of Good Sam Membership, benefits, or prices you pay. Can’t anyone be positive anymore? The HGTV house hunters show is about people who are searching for a home to purchase. They layout the lifestyle of the buyer and usually have three homes with various features that the potential buyer wants in a residence and then they go on a journey to locate the house of the potential buyer’s dreams. That is what the HGTV folks intend to do here, only for buyers who are searching for a house on wheels instead of a brick and mortar residence. This show can do nothing but help RV’ers and the RV industry by spiking interest in those who are either curious or have an itch they need to scratch to get into the great outdoors and the journey down the road lifestyle. If you are not buying a new RV or haven’t just purchased a new RV then this particular HGTV show search does not apply to you.

  7. Darryl Todd says:

    I agree tht Good Sam has overdone it on advertising and prices that increase the longer you are a member. I had to threaten to drop my membership to get off the unsolicited mailing lists. AS several people pointed out the long term members are retired and the politicans are aimimg at us for cuts.

    Also, I agree House Hunters should focus on well maintained RV’s not new Class A’s that few people can afford to buy or operate. Most RV dealers are focusing on Class B’s and medium size trailers.

  8. Lynelle Phillips says:

    Well, I guess like any other House Hunter show, this one will feature outragously overpriced RV’s. Only spunky young families with cute kids, or the just-about-to-get-married couple, or the “I want a change in lifestyle” exec will get picked. And those picked usually pick the most expensive over-the-top budget-busting home. Even the Vacation edition is way out of this world. It’s a very formulated show that’s very unrealistic. I do watch it once in awhile for decorating ideas, though, so maybe I’ll watch House Hunter on Wheels to get some ideas for my 1995 Bounder. Then again, that’s what traveling RV shows are for. I probably won’t watch this edition, either.

    As for all the Good Sam membership comments, I don’t think it has anything to do with this show. I bet HGTV doesn’t even know who or what Good Sam is. That’s how shallow HGTV is.

  9. Dawn Porter says:

    The HGTV House Hunters shows feature both young and older people, as well as those on a tight and larger budgets. Actually, the “House Hunters” Series often focuses on couples with very average budgets. So, I would guess that a show about RVers would also vary in the budget of the people in each show; both someone looking at pop-ups and Big Motorhomes, not just one or the other. That is what has made the series popular is that it follows people of all budgets on their journey or making a decision and you find yourself guessing which of three choices shown will they pick. Then the show also shows how happy the buyers are a few months following their purchase. I don’t see how their current format would work for those who are keeping units they already have. Seems that would be more like a redecorating show – an entirely different format – which could also be interesting if done well.

    We just purchased a new unit – last April – and if we were shopping at this time I would certainly do their show because it would be another new experience, which is why we like RVing.

  10. Reg says:

    You member in the U.S. think you have been forgotten isn’t to bad! If you are Canadian most of the programs you want or need are not available and I don’t think they evan know there are members in Canada or what is Canada?????????

  11. J Landerman says:

    We are life time members of Good Sam. Being full timers, I feel we need someone with clout on our side, and to us Good Sam fills that bill. Maybe they can’t do it all, but they can certainly do more than one of us alone. As for the mail, I read it, sometimes, just to keep up to date on what’s out there. If I don’t want to read it, I throw it away. Now that was easy. And yes, we pay to have our mail forwarded.

    As for HGTV, that’s awesome – shame we are settled in our 2007 and not in the market. We watch HGTV all the time. It will be great to see RVers on there too.

  12. Neil Glenn says:

    There are several camping associations who have one-half price deals for their campgrounds. The most GS discount is 10 %, and there is an additional $5 one time allowance now, I read. WHOOPEE! That will buy a cup of coffee at many restaurants, now!

    They don’t even offer an over-night-only discount for people who are en-route somewhere else, and rail about those who use the “free” Wal-Mart parking lot camp plan! I usually buy $80 – 100 worth of groceries when I DO overnight there, in far corners, and always ask first!

    And then GS wonders why we aren’t totally excited about all the renewals, with substantially higher rates than newbies get, that are repeatedly requested much in advance of our expiration dates! I get several a month, myself. Wise up, GS!

  13. Jim says:

    We have been “RV”ers for 2 years, tent campers before that. Our small RV is just what we need for travel.. Easy to tow, (our YUKON doesn’t know it;s there) no pop-ups, pop outs, slide-outs, just stop in the rest areas, and jump in. We are good for 3 days before we need a real campground to drain & refill the tanks. HGTV should cover the full range of RVers, not just the Class “A”ers. It’s the nice thing about rving, is the broad range of folks you meet, and thier always good people.. Hope HGTV covers that !!

  14. anye says:

    TVid—you’d be surprised how wide the choices are when you go looking to buy an RV!! There’s plenty of material there for a “House Hunters” program. We have bought new a couple times, and even when you think you know exactly what you want, it’s a challenge to find it. Like houses, or anything else, there’s always something right and something wrong with each rig, and you have to decide which of the several RVs you’ve looked at suits you best.

    I do hope that HGTV doesn’t focus only on fancy, expensive RVs that only well-heeled folks can afford (or that people of ordinary income ought NOT to afford.) That’s one of my criticisms of the series–they always make it look like you ought to be able to afford a house that should be beyond the budget of a teacher and clerk, or someone retired on a pension.

    For the record, we are mid-level 5th-wheel people, who bought what we could afford, and we looked at quite a few first.

  15. Scott Schultz says:

    I sent them an email, we’ve got a young family and bought a barely used 2008 coachmen class c 2 years ago and have put 30000 miles on traveling our great country. Our kids are having a blast and learning a lot. Our plan is to drive the wheels off this thing before they either don’t want to or don’t have time to hang out with us. So we would love to tell HGTV our story and about our adventures! So hopefully there is going to be more to the show then just a shopping trip to the RV store. See you at the campground, we are off to Colorado, Grand Canyon, Utah, then Disney World this fall.

  16. Jill says:

    Wow! I joined Good Sam a VERY long time ago (membership number is in the LOW 4 digits) to be connected with other RVers. I am so disappointed in the negativity coming from people who are enjoying a lifestyle that is so much fun with so many great opportunities. Lose the whining and pull up your big boy and girl panties and enjoy this life you have the privilege of living!!!! Or – drop out and go live
    in misery. HGTV and Good Sam are both helping promote a way of life that is awesome!

  17. Jill says:

    To Scott Schultz: After my husband died I homeschooled our youngest daughter. We sold the house and hit the road full-time. What a history lesson! She learned so much and lived it up close and personal. You will NEVER regret taking your children on the road. Just don’t forget the out of the way locations as well as those well known tourist areas. You never know what you will find around the next bend in the road! Good luck!

  18. Scott Schultz says:

    To Jill
    Sorry to here about your loss. We would love to go full time but with school, work , sports, ect, we manage about 45 nights a year in the RV on the road. Talking about losses, my dad passed away shortly before we purchased the motorhome so we have an added member to our RVing family. We have taken my mom along with us on almost every trip. Since we don’t live near each other it’s nice she can come along and spend some quality time with our kids, her grandchildren. Like I said before our plan is to drive the wheels off this motorhome in the next 6 years when our oldest will be driving and probably hard to tie down.

  19. Ed says:

    I sent an email and believe there is a market for a motor home show besides this program they are contemplating doing. Most people with a motor home have disposable income, love to travel but many are learning on the fly. I know my wife and I have been learning from wonderful campers we have met. We have a 2004 HR Endeavor we bought after a short stint with a 1999 Hurricane 30Q. My wife and I love to be together, travel together and our motor home is perfect for our getaways. Someday soon, we are looking forward to the legendary western US trips, getting to Alaska and taking off to warmer climates in the winter. Today we are doing trips from Tennessee to our family in the state, Kentucky, trips to Florida and South Carolina beaches. No bd bugs in our motor home so we are having a blast! I will be positive about this opportunity as it could really help move the RV/motor home world to the mainstream. I would love to see a video version of Motorhome magazine on TV someday, something like a “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” version for motor homes and RVs.

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