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Member Tip: Secure Sliding Doors

Posted By Good Sam On October 26, 2011 @ 1:35 pm In Travel Tips | 11 Comments

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Secure Sliding DoorsSubmitted by Rich Payne of Tillamook, Ore.

At the rear of our motorhome, we have a closet with large mirrored sliding doors. The motorhome manufacturer installed plastic locks to keep these doors secure while traveling. Unfortunately, the weight of these glass doors combined with rough roads, snapped the plastic locks and the doors slid open.

After replacing the locks twice, I cut two wooden blocks (each 5×3/4×1/2-inches) to fit the door frame. I then drilled two ¼-inch holes on the bottom of each block (3 inches apart), and one ¼-inch hole centered on the top. I glued 1-inch-ling dowels in all three holes, and then attached a small knob to the top dowel.

After positioning a sliding door against the side of the closet, I wedged one of the blocks against the door at the center of the closet, then drilled 5/16-inch holes in the frame directly beneath the two dowels. I repeated these steps for the second door.

Before traveling, we insert the dowels into the holes in each door frame, securing the blocks, and then remove them at our destination. The doors have stopped sliding around since switching to this device.

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