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Williston Crossings RV Resort

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October 26, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

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Good Sam Park - Willinston RV ResortWilliston, FL

If you’re planning a visit to the peninsula state of Florida, a stop at the Williston Crossing RV Resort is well worth your while. Located just east of Interstate 75, this RV resort is a convenient stop for most any southbound Florida snowbird, and with a 10/10/10 rating, this park is more than likely to exceed your expectations. Situated among large, developed evergreens, you can experience the joy of camping and cooking out while maintaining your privacy. Whether your picture perfect RV retreat includes a high level of activity or a low level, this place has it all. You can choose to hit the trails on foot or bike, grab your racquets for a quick match of tennis, or take it easy as you relax by the pool. For group activities, you have your choice of a variety of settings including the modern clubhouse, an outdoor pavilion, or the elegant ambience of the gazebo fire pit.

If you desire an evening out or a fun-filled shopping spree, several restaurants and stores are located nearby with several more options less than a half an hour away in the city of Gainesville, home of the University of Florida.

So whether you’re passing through or traveling to central Florida for an extended stay, Williston Crossing RV Resort is a highly recommended stop to add to your RV park destinations.

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2 Responses to “Williston Crossings RV Resort”
  1. Miles Johnson says:

    Your feature article on the Williston RV Park incorrectly locates it “just East of I-75″, when in fact it is located 20 miles West of I-75. NOT a small error when one is in, or towing therir RV looking for a place to camp.

  2. Dale McKee GS#1529121 says:

    Your item about Williston Crossing was written by someone geographically challenged if the found it EAST of I-75. We have been to Williston Crossing, and found it WEST of I-75, in Williston, FL

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