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Sammy’s November Survey Results

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November 29, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

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What are your winter camping habits?
Featured in the November 2011 CyberSam

42% I store the RV and hibernate until spring.

28% I follow the birds and head toward warmer climates.

15% A dip in temps doesn’t sway me away from the outdoors.

14% My camping slows down somewhat during winter months.


With the majority of RVers hibernating for the winter, we’re sure there are some of you who will be looking for an RV Cover.  Check out the wide selection of RV Covers available in the Good Sam Club Store.

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One Response to “Sammy’s November Survey Results”
  1. BajaSteve says:

    We have been GSC members for many years and have enjoyed all the years of help and information that the club has given to all of us that full time RVers!!! We winter in Mexico along with many Canadians and Americans. It would be nice to us if GSC would expand more of it’s “Information World” to include Mexico. There are thousands of us that spend years or even months down here getting away from that “White stuff” that is so prevalent in the north!!! Just a thought!

    “The Traveling Bryants”
    Steve Linda Scooter, EP and Munchie
    N0VDH – N0VDI

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