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Tips from Action Line: Get the Most Out of Your Extended Warranty

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November 12, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

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One of the most common submissions Good Sam Action Line receives relates to extended warranty coverage concerns. And we’ve begun to notice a few common consumer oversights. RV warranties and extended warranties provide peace of mind while on the road. Because we’re here to help, we wanted to share these findings with you in an effort to help you get the most out of your extended warranty. Here are some tips for stress-free warranty service so you can get back on the road quickly:

• Read the warranty information thoroughly before you purchase.

• Know your policy requirements before personally authorizing a repair. Many warranties require a preauthorization quote for approval, and sometimes an in-person inspection by an authorized agent. Keep in mind that personally authorized repair claims without preauthorization can be denied.

• Make sure you’re at an “authorized” repair facility. Your warranty information should include a list of authorized repair facilities or a number to call to locate one.

• Maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer guidelines and keep the receipts or invoices.  Failure to maintain the vehicle or keep the maintenance documentation could result in a denied claim.

• If your tires are under warranty and you have a blowout, keep the damaged tire. Tire manufacturers must have the tire to make a reimbursement.

• Be patient. The claims process takes time.

• Before making a decision to purchase an extended warranty, talk to other RVers about their positive experiences.

A warranty is a contract between you and the warranty company. It’s your responsibility to understand the terms of the contract and to follow the maintenance guidelines. We hope these tips help you get the most value from your extended warranty!

Contacting Good Sam Action Line

In addition to warranty-related concerns, Good Sam Action Line helps resolve RV-related disputes on behalf of Good Sam Club members. Because of Good Sam’s solid reputation and substantial membership, Action Line has the clout to get results, whether it’s approved warranty coverage, financial reimbursement or simply an apology. Send us your information, and we’ll do our best to make sure your dispute turns into one of our many success stories.

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2 Responses to “Tips from Action Line: Get the Most Out of Your Extended Warranty”
  1. We are GS members — for two years now. We purchased, in Arizona, a ‘bumper to bumper’ 3 year warranty on our newly purchased 02 Monaco. We have been told, by the dealer (who sold us the plan) that in as much as there is a ‘deductible’ for any problem, that we could have two or three items that are not working, fixed under one deductible. Is this correct, is it common and are there any special ‘methods’ of implementing such a claim?? Please advise, as best you can, from the info above.

    C & K

    Good Sam says: I would recommend contacting Action Line directly with this issue. This consumer advocacy service has a proven track record. The Good Sam Action Line has solved thousands of cases in favor of members. Highways highlights a sampling of Action Line’s results in each issue.

    You can contact Action Line by sending an email to or writing to Action Line, Good Sam Club, 650 Three Springs Rd., Bowling Green, KY 42104. Send a brief letter of explanation and if applicable, copies of receipts or other pertinent records.

    You may also want to contact our Extended Service Plan department to see if they have a better plan for you. They can be reached at (888) 298-0110 Monday through Friday 7-5 AM and Saturday 8-12 PM, Mountain Time.

  2. Robert and Shirley Alton says:

    I am not sure if this is an appropriate article for your column but it is we think important information for our fellow rvers.
    This is a heads up for any RVers travelling Hwy 15 thru Utah. Two years ago we stopped for fuel in Beaver, Utah. A gentleman in the parking lot approached us and told us he noticed that one of our tires was in bad shape. We had just purchased these tires 1000 miles before we left on our trip south. There was a tire shop alongside this service station and he recommended we go over and talk to them. They inspected our tires and told us that they were inferior tires and we should not travel any further on them. We phoned our tire dealer at home and he said if we were going to change tires there to bring home the old tires he had sold us for inspection. We were concerned enough we did purchase new tires from this dealer. We took the discarded tires home and they could not find anything wrong with them. We were fortunate as they refunded our money for them. We realized then they we had probably been duped. Last year we read an article in one of our Canadian rv magazines from a rver with a similar experience along this stretch of hwy. This year we were returning on that same route and stopped for fuel in Scipio and in the midst of fueling along comes a gentleman again who kneels down at our tires and says he noticed something going wrong with one of them as we drove in and he directed us to have them checked at the tire shop along the side of the gas station. Instead we drove into Fillmore, Utah and had our tires checked by a reputable tire company. Our tires were fine and they told us that there had been numerous incidences from these tire shops. As rv’ers we are concerned with blowouts and the damage they cause and that makes us vulnerable to any indication that we might have a tire problem. I would urge anyone experiencing this along this route to be suspicious and go elsewhere for another consultation.

    Good Sam says: Thank you for letting us know. You should also send your story to the Action Line as

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