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Club Updates: Change Is In the Air for 2012

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December 20, 2011 by · 78 Comments 

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In Late Fall 2011 Highways, Camping World and Good Sam Chairman and CEO Marcus Lemonis suggested combining the Good Sam Club and the President’s Club into a new and expanded Good Sam Club. Members would have one club, one card and one membership fee and would enjoy all the benefits of both clubs and more. Member response was instant and overwhelmingly positive, so the decision was made to combine the two clubs. Now ALL members can enjoy ALL the discounts and benefits offered by the Good Sam Club AND President’s Club for one low price. Details will be arriving in your mailbox and/or email inbox in the next few days.

In the meantime, here are some details:

Over 1 Million Members Strong!!
President’s Club no longer exists. The Camping World buyers club is now part of Good Sam Club as an added benefit to Good Sam Club members. All prior President’s Club members are now Good Sam Club members and they’ll be receiving a membership card in the next few days. This means the Good Sam Club is now over 1 million members strong, which allows the Club extra leverage when sourcing new benefits!

The new membership fee will be the same price to join the Club or to renew your membership! A 1-year membership is $25. If you sign up for automatic renewal or join for a 3-year term the membership price is $20 per year. It’s the same when renewing your membership. $25 for a 1-year membership term. Or, if you sign up for automatic renewal or renew for a 3-year term the membership price is only $20 per year!

Good Sam Club Life Members
Good Sam Life members dues are paid for life and that hasn’t changed. Life members will not have any additional fees due to the new benefits added to the Good Sam Club. Life members will continue to receive Camping World club pricing now as part of the Good Sam Club benefits.

You can always find the latest membership benefits when you sign in using your online Good Sam Club account and view the Member Benefits section. If you’re not registered online, registering is easy and only takes a few minutes. Just be sure to have your Good Sam member number handy.

Other Changes
In addition to receiving many new club benefits, you will continue to receive your subscription to Highways magazine as we know how much members value this subscription. There are five issues of Highways magazine planned for 2012! The tentative schedule has those issues arriving to members in the following months: February, April, June, August, and October. Because the schedule is subject to change, we’ll keep the latest schedule available to you at

And, new for 2012, as a supplement to Highways, an insert called Hi–Way Herald is being introduced to be distributed in a few of the Camping World flyers. They’ll be packed with even more chapter news and club events. So look for the New Hi-Way Herald insert in select Camping World flyers. Can’t wait to view the latest news about the club? You can also view it online at

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78 Responses to “Club Updates: Change Is In the Air for 2012”
  1. Linda Frame says:

    If I am a lifetime Good Sam member does this mean that I am also a lifetime member for Camping World ? Will I receive a new card ?

    Thanks !

  2. Linda Frame says:

    I am a lifetime member of Good Sam. Am I also now a lifetime member for Camping World ?

  3. David Moore says:

    Nice that you failed to mention GS Life Members!

  4. Larry and Karen Baker says:

    We are Life Time Members of Good Sam and have been Presidents Club Members for more years than we can remember. How do you intend to handle this puzzle?

  5. Richard B. Graves says:

    Waiting to hear answer to GS Life membership regards to combined GS/Pres Club card..
    What say you Marcus?

  6. Lynelle Phillips says:

    I’m also a lifetime member and President’s club member. I have to repeat the others, what about us? Do we get lifetime President’s club? Also, what happened to the lifetime members only news insert that came with Highways mag a couple times a year? It had incentives like buy-one-get-one-free RV show tickets, special lifetime recognitions, and news about lifetime members. I know everyone is trying to cut costs, but I’m wondering if you’re trying to cut out the lifetime members! You’ve certainly forgotten about us!

  7. Bill Thaw says:

    I’m also a lifetime GS member. How are you going to handle this combining of GS and Camping World presidents club for us? Will this be automatically included in our lifetime membership?

  8. steven and alice says:

    we too have been lifetime members of good sam for many years. this is confusing. what is going to happen with our lifetime membership or are you now going to raise that to meet the membership for camping wold membership. we do our rv shopping at camping world whenever we need our supplies, etc, but now we are confused.. is it going to cost more with casmping world and good sam together? please clarify.
    many of the4 lifetime members are now confused….thanks

  9. R.S. Gambrell says:

    Ditto all these GS Lifetimers! What about us???
    I’m also a President’s Club member.

  10. John and Jean says:

    We too are Life Members of Good Sam and have paid in advance for the Presidents Club. With the reduction in the # of Highway magazine and the membership to the Presidents Club shows a reduction in benefits. What about the advance dues paid into the Presidents Club?

  11. Larry Brown says:

    While this seems a good thing, what happens when you have paid up memberships in both. We have paid ahead, I believe in both. Are the memberships extended and what about President’s Club of Camping World. I would hope to see each member get an explanation of their memberships.

  12. jackie and Skip Tamm says:

    We are GS Lifetime members and CW members. What do we get?

    jackie, Skip and Seumas

  13. Katy and Gary Smith says:

    Where do we get the answers to these questions?

  14. We are lifetime Good Sam Members, and I see we aren’t the only ones asking what happens to our membership. But where are the answers?
    We are also Camping World President’s Club members, and we occasionally shop there.

  15. Al & Rita Hanson says:

    How about some answers to the above!!!

  16. Norm Marks says:

    I share the concern voiced by all the GS Lifetime members/Presidents Club members. Anxious to hear how you plan to handle this.

  17. RichardSzymen says:

    Another life member waiting to see if it was worth it to do ????
    If there are additional fees for this president club thing then the life membership is a rip off

  18. Dean Piltingsrud says:

    As a Charter Life Member, we have the same questions as many of the other members. What is happening with us? Please advise us about this. Kind Regards,

  19. Chuck Derry says:

    Well, the same thing for me on the Lifetime Membership. However, since I am a “Life Member” of several organizations, I have found that they have all just rolled the lifetime membership into the mix and you continued to receive all your benefits which you earned or paid for in the first place. They have a “contract” with you and should continue to honor it (which could be enforceable in court if need be). I am not sure how they would handle the “President’s Club” part of it if you are members of both, but, I would think that you would not have to pay one of them or get a refund on one of them if they were both “lifetime.” If it were just for one year for one and lifetime for the GS membership, you may just be out the one year fee, unless you just paid it, in which case they probably would give you a refund if you asked. I don’t think they are out to cheat anybody, especially Life Members who helped them build the organization in the first place. The Camping World discount would just be more of an incentive to shop there even though it is 35 miles from where I live, and would bring their prices in line with other competitors in the area. It will be nice to hear what they have to say about this, but, I expect my life membership in GS to continue for my lifetime, period!

  20. carl & Teri Dykman says:

    We’re waiting to see how the issue of the Lifetime Good Sam Members and President’s Club Members will be resolved. We would have expected that this would have been addressed at the onset, seeing as how there are so many of us in that category………

  21. Harold Bagdonas says:

    I do not recall receiving any notification of this proposed merger, by email or snail mail. My two membership renewals are not the same month so who gets the short end of the stick on this deal?
    I can see why the GS life members are concerned also.

  22. Ray Herring says:

    I also am interested in their answer to us Life Members. Have also been member of the Presidents Club for about 14+ years.


  23. daniel pisani says:

    so for those of us who are not lifetime members and do not have a camping world in our backyard, you are forcing camping world membership on us if we want to remain in good sam. i personally can usually get the same campground discounts with an aarp card and am also a koa member.i usally got the good sam card because i liked the highway magazine.sometimes i got the camping world membership, but i’ve not seen where it was a great deal , as parts are priced higher on some parts and lower on some. I usually do as good shopping on line or at my local rv shops, especially if you add in shipping on ordered items from camping world or the diesel spent for me to go about 120 miles round trip to camping world in hammond, la. i’m not really happy with the combined magazine or combined membership and like someone above mentioned, i was not polled. anyway, i probably am leaning to not renewing my good sam membership under these guidelines.

  24. Brian & Jenny says:

    How is this any good for us Lifetime Members that life outside of the U.S.

  25. Wayne DeLucia says:

    Just renewed my memberships to both Good Sams and president club at end of 2011, during Good Sams Days. Since both memberships are now combined for one membership fee are you going to refund one of the memberships we paid for? It seems unfair to charge for two membership for the next year when I could have waited one month and paid one fee and received the benefits of both. Why weren’t we advised of this change? Your service personel was unwilling or could not explain it and said I would receive a letter in January explaining it. I asked that a supervisor call me about this inequity and still have not received a call. I feel I should have recieved the letter prior to you changing the program. This is my third year with Good Sams Club and you continue to bombard my mail tying to sell me other programs. It feels like a rip off, why should I trust you with your other products.

  26. Tom & Barbara Weimer says:

    We are also “Charter” Lifetime Members and like others, waiting for clarification

  27. Gary Boudreau says:

    As a Charter Life Member, I have the same questions as many of the other members. What is happening with us? Please advise us about this.
    Where can I go to find a reply to this question?
    For years I have written Good Sam about the Life Member Business Cards what were supposed to be included with the Charter Membership. I never received the cards and never received an answer. Will this follow the same route of unanswered messages?

  28. Jay Klug says:

    If I am paid up on both but expiration dates are different will I get membership in both until the longest paid subscription expires?

  29. Mark Johnson says:

    I’m lifetime GS & prez club most of the time. When will we receive an answer to the above questions? I too was NOT polled–it seems that GS should respect all camping parts stores, not just camping world. Seems unethical.

  30. Doug Batchelor says:

    I am a life member of Good Sam and was also a “regular” (not a life member) of the President’s Club. I recently went to a Camping World and the clerk told me my President’s Club Member was expired and asked if I wanted to renew it. I told her I had received something by email announcing the merger and that I was a life member of Good Sam. She said, “Okay. May I see your Good Sam Card.” I showed it to her and she typed something into the computer cash register and I got the same discount I would have with the President’s Club… AND I did NOT renew the President’s Club membership.

    I do not know if this is the “policy” of Good Sam and Camping World or not. As long as I get the same discount and do not have to renew the President’s Club membership, I am happy!

  31. Clarence Popenhagen ( Pope ) says:

    Question: I too would like to know if I will be receiving a new card for both clubs. I am a Lifemember to Good Sams and a reg member to Camping World. Camping World is one of my supplies stores here. Thank you for what you all do for us.

  32. Phillip Collins says:

    Same here Life member what about us?????

  33. Gary Marquardt says:

    Wouldn’t it be wise to place the “submit comment” bar under the CAPCHA Code blank so that the message I just wrote would not disappear as soon as I hit the “submit comment” bar? I had a very pithy comment about the curious behavior of Good Sam as it regards the Charter Life Time Members who also have a yearly President’s Club membership.

  34. Tom West says:

    Another life GS life meber wondering the same thing.

  35. Carole Meads says:

    Will combined GS and CW memberships be extended to the date of the latter expiration date free of charge when expiration dates do not coincide? If no extension so expiration dates are the same will there be any refund of dues/fees?

  36. ed plasberg says:

    when do life members who also prepaid years ahead for the president’s club get our refund ?

  37. ed plasberg says:

    when do life members who prepaid years ahead to the president’s club get our refunds ?

  38. John Myers says:

    I am concerned, as are the many who have responded to the merger. I am a life member of GSC and a member of the President’s Club. Will I receive a life membership to the PC or will I be required to submit a new payment to become a PC life member?

  39. Shawn Jones says:

    Like many other members of both clubs I took advantage of 3 year club renewals and still have two more years remaining in both CW & GS. I’d like answers as well if my paid ahead memberships are going to be combined? I think that we members of these clubs should have been polled and had some input or at least had some Q&A’s listed some place. I do find that GS park fees are higher than non GS related campgrounds and sometimes the savings you get with your GS card are still not worth the stay.

    I’m going to think twice about renewing my membership(s) when they expire. This just makes me think is it corporate America getting the better deal here vs. the average American camper?

    A concerned camper in NH.

  40. GENE MAPLES says:

    Also a Life Time Member. When will we get an answer concerning this issue of the President’s Club?

  41. Galen L Smock says:

    Leave it alone! I dont want to be associated with Camping World,I’m not to sure I want to be associated with Good Sam Club anymore GL

  42. Melvin Berry says:

    Hello this is great news but I just paid two memberships for both clubs so now what? will I get my money back for one of them or do I like so many others that just did the same thing loose money???

  43. S. Johnson says:

    I am not a life member, but have belonged to Good Sam for over 20 years. I totally agree with other members, leave Good Sam Club alone. I have no desire to become a member of Camping World. I can buy anything offered at Camping World, cheaper on the internet. So what good is this combined menbership?

  44. R Bowman says:

    Sure glad I’m not a life member. My past experience is that life memberships or factory warranties are only good for the life of the company thats doing the offering, which parallels bankruptcies, policiy changes, mergers, and so on.

  45. Don Burger says:

    I’ve too have been a member of both for more years than I care to count. I’ve also paid in advance for Presidents Club and a Life Time member of Good Sam Club. Do I have to pay for a another combined membership? WHen will we get answers?

  46. Les Kruger says:

    As a Life Member of Good Sam, the first thing that I thought of was apparently the same as so many others here. If combining clubs, how will this affect me? I still haven’t seen any answers to this from Good Sam. Is that because you didn’t consider the consequences when the idea was put forth? I want to know what impact this will have on my lifetime membership.

  47. Earl D. Parker says:

    I, too am wondering – what happens to the GS Life Time members? And, I, too, like so many others, am wondering why we were not polled! Who are the “overwhelming majority of members” who thought this was a good idea. When may we expect answers to these questions?

  48. m alberti says:

    I am a member of good sam for 16 years. I don’t have a CW near me . It is over 3 hours away. In 16 years I have been in a CW about 6 times. It should be a choice if you want to combine memberships. If I have to pay more for a membership I don’t want it would just be raising my Good Sam membership fees. Not a good thing.

    Good Sam says:
    The new and expanded Good Sam Club offers you Camping World discounts in addition to your Good Sam Club benefits at no additional charge. Hope this helps clarify a little. Also, we will be sending you an email or postal mail within the next week which will explain the new benefits available at Camping World SuperCenters, Mail Order, and at in further detail.

  49. m alberti says:

    One membership card one fee does not mean the same fee !

  50. Good Sam says:

    Special thanks to all of the Good Sam members’ and life members’ for your valuable feedback. This certainly helps us in understanding your thoughts and feelings about the big changes with the clubs. We understand your concern, but we want to assure you that you will be receiving further details about your personal memberships within the next week. Please watch your email inbox or postal mailbox for these details. To ensure that you’re signed up to receive Good Sam Club emails, check your Communication Preferences located in your online profile. In the meantime, to view benefits specific to your membership sign in using your online Good Sam Club account and view the Member Benefits section. If you’re not registered online, registering is easy and only takes a few minutes. Just be sure to have your Good Sam member number handy.

    Since there is a lot of feedback from our life members, we want you to know that your Good Sam life membership does provide you a life membership to what was previously the President’s Club. Since the two clubs have combined into one club, you will now be able to enjoy both the benefits of the Good Sam Club and the President’s Club for life!! And don’t worry – you will continue to receive that highest level of Good Sam Club benefits including extra coupons and extra benefits!

    For those of you who were already President’s Club members and Good Sam Club members, please contact member services about your membership by calling 1-800-234-3450, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this.

    A few of you have expressed concern about the cost of the membership, but we want you to rest assured that the you can join or renew your membership for as low as $20 per year with automatic renewal or a 3-year membership term. If you only wish to purchase one year at a time, it’s only $25 for a one year membership. Again, thanks for your patience and feedback with these big changes to the club. Look for additional information to arrive in your email inbox or postal mailbox within the next week.

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