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2012 Elections Will Affect RVers

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March 20, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

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Congress and the Obama Administration are seven months away from the 2012 election. As every day brings incumbents closer to the election on November 6, their attention focuses more intensely on ensuring that they return to Washington in 2013.

The House of Representatives continues to see rapid change in its membership. It currently has the largest freshman class in 60 years, and already, two incumbent Members of Congress have lost in primary battles in Ohio. Given the competitive races, retiring House members and incumbent versus incumbent battles created through redistricting, roughly 40% of the House could either be freshmen or just starting their second term in January 2013. The Senate is also hanging by a narrow Democratic majority, and intense battles will be waged to control that body. Just down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol, the White House is already in full campaign mode for their November contest.

Hanging between politicians and Election Day are a host of spending and policy issues that will impact the mood of the voters. High gas prices, spending/tax issues and international crises may dominate the summer and fall. Since the “Supercommittee” was unable to agree on a package to reduce the deficit last year, automatic spending cuts are due to kick in next January for a host of federal programs including some at the Defense Department. Additionally, a number of tax provisions are due to expire at the end of this year, and the Highway Bill has been caught in political battles that have required a series of abbreviated extensions rather than passage of a full bill.

Rising gas prices are already having an impact on how voters view their elected representatives. The issue has grown so large that President Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron discussed the possibility of utilizing strategic oil reserves to address the situation during their mid-March meeting in Washington. However, the Administration is publicly warning Americans that no quick fix is likely. Oil market reaction to tensions in the Middle East may further increase the strain on this issue which is so central to Good Sam members.

The way these pieces of legislation are dealt with may significantly impact Good Sam members’ ability to access national parks, enjoy properly maintained roads and preserve important tax benefits, so it’s vital that every Good Sam member participates in this year’s elections. Please email Sue Bray at sbray@goodsamfamily.com if you need more information or have questions as events occur.

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