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Getting To Know Our Website’s New Features

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April 16, 2012 by · 17 Comments 

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In an effort to continually improve the functionality of our website, we have recently rolled out several new features on  These new features include:

Our Redesigned Homepage
As you’ve probably already noticed, we’ve recently rolled out a new homepage design. In an effort to make finding your favorite features quickly and easily, this new design offers the same great features available with the old design that you’ve come to love and enjoy as well as many exciting new features.

New Improvements
(Please coordinate the numbers listed below with the numbers in the picture for placement references.)

1.)    Membership: We’ve added quick links for joining or renewing your membership at the top of the homepage so that no matter if you’re signed into the website or not, you can find these valuable links to join or renew your membership quickly and easily.

2.)    Drop down menu: The biggest improvement that we’ve made to our website is the addition of a drop down menu. This new feature replaces the old sub navigation links which were located immediately below the top navigation bar. The old design required you to click on your main category such as “Plan A Trip”, and then would require you to click your subcategory link such as “Find a Campground”. Now you can find nearly all of the features available at in one click. To use this new feature, simply hover over the main category listing such as “Plan a Trip” (no need to click with your mouse just yet) and then move your mouse to hover over the desired subcategory link such as “Find a Campground”. Next click on this subcategory link to take you to your desired webpage.

3.)   Top deals from the Good Sam Store: We want you to see how your membership saves you more by featuring the top specials in the Good Sam Store right on the homepage. New specials are highlighted continually so check back often for the most recent deals. To shop these deals, simply click the red “Buy Now” button to view more information on that product. Want to view more deals? Click the “Shop Now” link located to the right of the words “Good Sam Store”. Note, you will need to log into your online Good Sam Club account to shop the member-exclusive Good Sam Store.

4.)   Good Sam News: Now you can stay current on the latest Good Sam News including Tech Tips, updates about the RV lifestyle, Chapter news, and more by simply visiting the Good Sam Club homepage.

5.)   Events & Tours: View the next thrilling adventure that you can enjoy with fellow Good Sam members right on the homepage. To learn more about a specific event, simply click the “Learn More” link associated with the Good Sam Events or Tour. For a complete listing of the Good Sam Events and Tours, simply click the “View More Events” link located immediately to the right of the main words “Events and Tours”.


New & Improved Account Section

In an effort to make the pages of our website as easy to find as possible, we’ve added a dropdown menu which contains the main features of our “member profile” section. Once you’re signed in, this new dropdown feature will automatically appear beside your name. To view the drop down, simply hover over the black arrow located to the right of your name (no need to click), then move your mouse down to the desired listing and click to take you to the specific account page.

Once you’re finished with your session of browsing our website, you can Sign Out by hovering over the same black arrow beside your name listing, moving your mouse down to the words “Sign Out” and clicking to log you out of


Popular Features are Here to Stay
(Please coordinate the numbers listed below with the numbers in the picture for placement references.)

1.)   Easy-To-Find quick-links located in the upper left hand side of the Good Sam Club homepage. The Member Benefits and Featured Services links allow you to be one simple click away from your favorite pages on our website.

2.)   Pictures speak 1,000 words. Look for our top rotating banners ads to show you what’s new and exciting with the Good Sam Club.

3.)   Featured Benefits allow you to see the latest, most up-to-date benefits at a quick glance. If you would like more information on any of the featured benefits, simply click the image beside the benefit explanation, or click the hyperlinks which are noted by the underlined text. Want to view more of your member benefits? Simply click the “View More Benefits” link located at the bottom of the benefits, and log into your Good Sam Club online account to view a complete list of your personal member benefits.

4.)   We’ve kept your Golden Halo Savings right on the homepage in an effort to allow you to view this daily deal from Camping World quickly and easily. And remember, quantities are limited, so act fast to ensure your member-exclusive savings.

5.)   Featured Services: Stay in-the-know about the inside service deals Good Sam is currently offering to members.

6.)   Featured Park: While every Good Sam RV Park holds a special place in all of our hearts, we can’t help to highlight some that simply go above and beyond the average camping experience.

7.)   Stay on top of the latest deals and nifty camping gadgets with our featured Banner Ads.

Another feature that remains the same is the way to navigate to the Good Sam Club homepage. The Good Sam Club logo which is located in the upper left-hand corner of all of the pages on our website provides an easy way to get back to the homepage. One click anywhere on the logo will immediately take you back to the Good Sam Club homepage.

With these outlined improvements, we hope you find the Club’s website to be easier and more enjoyable to use than ever. We’re constantly looking to improve your user experience, so look for more exciting changes in the months to come.

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17 Responses to “Getting To Know Our Website’s New Features”
  1. Craig Hobler says:

    I like the new web page its fresh and easy to move around. However would you please put a “Home” link other than at the bottom of the page. I find it hard to get back to the home page when moving around the site.

  2. Ray Liddiard says:

    The new web site has no sign out or home tabs.

  3. Larry Thoresen says:


  4. Good Sam says:

    Thank you all for your valuable feedback. We’re always looking to improve our website and there’s no better resource for feedback than members like you.

    Craig and Ray – our new website layout allows you to click to the homepage simply by clicking the Good Sam logo located in the upper left-hand corner of all of the pages on our website. We appreciate those comments and have now adjusted the above instructions to include directions on navigating back to the homepage.

    Larry – we’re sorry to hear of your disappointment with the Trip Routing Tool. We’re constantly looking to make improvements so if you have any specific requests of features you would like to see, please email

  5. Lee says:

    Not much to say other then I really like it. Good job AARP

  6. Daniel says:

    I’m disappointed in the trip routing program. It has a lot of great features specific to RV’s that Google Maps, Streets & Trips, etc. don’t offer. HOWEVER, I am unable to enter a specific street address for origin and destination. Why no Flying J/Pilot “enroute facilities” option – after all many of us have your new Pilot discount card. I couldn’t go back and edit any of my preferences once I saw the completed route without starting all over from stratch, what a pain. There’s no place to enter a “via” choice to change the route. It’s your way or no way. I guess I’ll have to stay with other mapping programs until this program becomes more user friendly.

  7. Good Sam says:

    Daniel – we apologize for your disappointment with the current trip routing tool. We are always looking to make improvement to this tool as well as the rest of our website, so your feedback is always valuable and appreciated. We are currently working toward adding Pilot Flying J Travel Centers to the results to stay tuned for that. Thanks for your patience as we work to make continual improvements and for being a Good Sam member!

  8. joyce mattison says:

    Will you please put on more info about Stand By Sam. what is expected from the volunteers etc. We reside in Canada and would appreciate being included on the map showing the Good Sam RV parks
    and chapters in your brochures. Love being a member in Alberta.

    Good Sam says: Great news! You can currently look up RV Parks and Standby Sams on the Good Sam Club website. Additionally, a direct link to the Standby Sams page on our website has been added to the drop down menu called “Benefits” located in the top left corner when logged in.

  9. Rick Rolland says:

    There is no link to member data (i.e. motorhome type, lenght, renewal date, etc.)

    Good Sam says: Rick, this information can be found under your online member profile as before. To view your member profile, simply log into your online Good Sam account, hover over the black arrow that appears beside your name, and select “My Profile”. Hope this helps to clarify. Thanks for your valuable feedback!

  10. John Gray says:

    My wife and I were thrilled when you brought back the trip routing tool. It may not be perfect (what is?) but we find it very functional and easy to use. Thanks, Good Sam!

  11. Lary Seitz says:

    Since I changed computers, or the new web site came on-line (I’m not sure which), I can’t get the pictures to appear on the rotating banner. It is all a big blank. That is #2 on your picture.

  12. Barry says:

    The new website is a total disaster. No logout. Require Java (not javascript).. Trip routing and campground info is a mess. Tracking cookies seem o be the order of the day for revenue generation/customer data mining rather than customer service.

    Good Sam says: Barry, thank you so much for your valuable feedback. Great news! We still have a logout link available in the header on the Good Sam Club website. Your privacy is very important to us, so rest assured, we will never removed the sign out link on We’ve only reorganized the placement of this important link. Upon signing into your online Good Sam Club account, you will see your name displayed in the upper right hand corner and a black arrow beside it. Simply hover over the black arrow to reveal a drop down menu. The sign out link is located at the bottom of that drop down menu. Thanks for being a patient Good Sam member as we work to improve the website.

  13. vernon like says:

    how do i ponder a question about my trailer and receive a reply

    Good Sam says:
    Vernon, you may have seen our Good Sam Tech Topics column in Highways magazine where Bob Livingston answers RV technical questions. He can answer any and all of your RV technical questions. Simply email him your question at

  14. JOHN D. says:


    Good Sam says: John, we’re glad that you’ve decided to take advantage of this great limited time offer for Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Your new membership will take 24 hours to process before you will be in our system. We apologize for the delay and hope to improve this system in the coming months. If your membership is delayed longer that this allotted time, please email and we will check into this right away. Thank you for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  15. Jim Wilson says:

    I was a member of Good Sam Club a few years ago, stopped my membership when we sold our camper but have now bought another camper and have become members again. When I try to register my membership number, I am told that my password does not match the account on file. I no longer know what that password is so have been unable to register. How can I change my password?
    Thank you,
    Jim Wilson

    Good Sam says: Jim, we will be happy to update your password in our system. You can do so by either calling member services at 1-800-234-3450, or if you prefer, email Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  16. Debbie says:

    We signed up for the RV product testing and we haven’t received anything to test even when we were a member a few years back before we rejoined this last time.
    Can you tell me how it works?


    Good Sam says:
    Debbie – We apologize for your not receiving a product to test. Good Sam members who are signed up for product testing are chosen at random from our system. We will check into your account to make sure you’re participation in this feature is correct in our system though. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!

  17. HUGH RAE says:

    In the June /July Highway mag. page 68 it states no such thing as a DC voltage converter. As a
    Ham radio operator I use a DC to DC converter with my rig! I use a 6 volt DC to 12 volt DC converter in my 1960 VW. The “large resistor” is a 1930 or 40 way to lower voltage, use an IC circuit as a voltage regulator. You will waste less current make less heat and as a bonus get a very stable voltage. You can find 12VDC to 24VDC converters, positive ground to negative ground converters, you just need to look. If you have time look at Globalspec .com

    Hugh M. Rae VA 7 HMR

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