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NEW Mail Forwarding Service Now Available!

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May 23, 2012 by · 25 Comments 

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A new mail forwarding service is now available to Good Sam Club members and takes traditional mail forwarding to a whole new level.  Good Sam Mail Service offers a state-of-the-art virtual mailbox with unique features and exceptional customer service. The service allows you to check your mail daily – just like at home – by simply logging into your mail account from any computer.

Good Sam Club members receive a 10% discount off of a one-year subscription to the premium plan.

Services provided with the Premium Plan:

  •  Toll-free number for information regarding your mail
  • Check your virtual mailbox daily
  • Forward your mail on YOUR schedule
  • Choose USPS or FedEx for your forwarding service
  • Easy access to your account management tools
  • Change your forwarding information conveniently, online – anytime of day or night
  • Shred all unwanted mail
  • E-mail notifications for important documents such as certified letters, or jury summons
  • Fax Services (available upon request)Benefits to joining the Good Sam Mail Service Premium Plan:
  •  Convenient, cost-efficient, worry-free mail service at your fingertips
  •  3 month, 6 month and 1 year plan-activate or deactivate your service as needed

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25 Responses to “NEW Mail Forwarding Service Now Available!”
  1. John Frederiksen says:

    In your article about mail forwarding you need to post the cost for the different options (3 month, 6 month 9 month and the discounted price for a year) the only thing mentioned was a 10% discount for the year without any prices listed for this service.

  2. Tom Handy says:

    It would also be pretty cool if you explained what the difference is between the ‘basic’ service and the ‘premium’ service. Except the price, that is.

  3. Barbara McKenzie says:

    I do not want to enter all of my billing information before I find out what this costs! Please be a little more “up-front” with your information on this interesting-sounding service.

  4. Russell says:

    I do not want to enter all of my billing information before I find out what this costs! Please be a little more “up-front” with your information on this interesting-sounding service.

  5. Bill says:

    I, also, would like to see the costs for these services before proceeding in any way. I would only have interest if this service was more economical than my current service.

  6. peter hilzendeger says:

    I would be interested in the cost for this service. in addition to the mail box fee, per year, what other charges are there. we can pick how it’s shipped, but in many cases, companys just put a flat rate for
    most anything. same as if you order something via catalog etc. if mailed fee is 7.95 when you check
    with the PO in fact it cost 2.35. how much is added to the shipping cost over and above the actual

  7. D Thomas says:

    If it’s so great why didn’t you publish the cost (rates)

  8. Pamela says:

    We have used Good Sam mail for 5 years and only had ONE issue. People are fantastic to work with at all times. Very helpful and courteous. Your costs are dependent on how much your package weighs, but is a nominal fee. Would never use another service!

  9. J.T. Corley says:

    I, too, would like to know the cost. Also, I know nothing about commercial mail forwarding. When my wife and I were full timers, a family member provided that service. When you say that I can view my mail daily and have it forwarded when I want to, does that mean that I can see a list of that day’s mail, litterally, and select what I want forwarded? Sounds like a very great service.

    Good Sam says: Yes, you’re exactly right J.T.

  10. Maurice says:

    I am interested in the mail forwarding service but need to know the cost as well. It would take an incredible bargain to go through the hassle of changing from my current service to yours but is it worth it?

  11. Jerry Jenkins says:

    Where is the remail service address located? Our VA medical supplies and medical appointments cannot use an address outside of TX. Our previous remail service used an OH address and really messed up our location services for VA medicines, appointments, and services because the computers put us in another VA region. 73MW

  12. Stumpy says:

    It would be great if you published the cost and full details of this interesting service!

  13. Steve says:

    Price upfront would be nice!

  14. Ed says:


  15. Kirk Simmons says:

    Visit for prices and information. Click the Enroll Today button at the bottom for details.

  16. Kirk Simmons says:

    Visit or Call 800-388-2753 for prices and information.

  17. cheri kanaly says:

    Do I have to be a Florida resident to get your mail service?

  18. cheri kanaly says:

    Do I have to be a Florida resident?

  19. Good Sam says:

    Cheri – to answer your question, no, you do not have to be a Florida resident in order to enroll in Good Sam Mail Service. There are certain tax breaks and discounts available for Florida residents. With that said, when you sign up for Good Sam Mail Service, your mail will be forwarded to the home office of this service in Florida, so then you will have a Florida address.

  20. H says:

    If the Good Sam Mail Service is not available for Canadians, please mention it up front and center.
    Thank you.

  21. Good Sam says:

    Great news! The Good Sam Mail Service is available to Canadians. In fact, they can ship members’ mail to almost any destination in the world, excluding a few restricted countries. For our Canadian members, you will simply need to submit a change of address at your local Canada Post to start a transfer of mail to the mail facility located in Florida.

  22. Henn Rebane says:

    Please give more details. To see my mail, do youj scan the face of the letter/package? To have mail forwarded, do you scan & e-mail letters? What items are physically forwarded?

    Good Sam says: After reviewing the contents of your mail, you can choose how we handle your items. If you want to see the contents, you can have us securely open and scan a letter, which will then be easily accessible from your online mail account. If you need your letters or packages sent, We will consolidate all your items into one single package to save on shipping charges. If you no longer have a need for a particular unwanted item, you can have it securely shredded and recycled. If you would like additional information on this service, please visit

  23. Dave says:

    Really poor website. Never could figure out how it works or cost. Joined another group and their mail service.

    Good Sam says: I have contacted you by email to assist you.

  24. How come this website is not that upfront as to what it is really offering and the cost? Does your prices vary every month or so? And how secure is this mail forwarding service?

    Good Sam Says: The Reason we don’t post costs is because yes it will vary on a monthly basis based on how much mail you actually have forwarded to you on a monthly basis. If you want a better idea of cost averages my recommendation would be to call them up and ask. Also this is a very secure service, which is why we endorse it and recommend it to our membership.

  25. KEN ALVESTAD says:

    I must be missing something? What are the costs for the mail forwarding service?

    Good Sam says: You should check this link: that should help.

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