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California Beach RV Camping Destinations

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June 12, 2012 by · 7 Comments 

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With soft sand beneath your feet and the crashing ocean beyond your RV windows, beach camping in California makes for an unforgettable "California Beach Side RV Camping"vacation. Anybody who’s driven the amazing Pacific Coast Highway along California’s stunning, mountainous shore knows it’s one of America’s most beautiful drives, so getting to your destination is a big part of the fun.

Whether you take U.S. Highway 101, which generally runs slightly inland from the coast, or the tighter, winding Highway 1 that closely hugs the scenic and rocky 840 miles of shore, California has
many legendary amazing sights and great RV camping destinations along the way, from Redwood National Park, through the picturesque San Francisco Bay area and down to the soft sand and towering Oceano Dunes at Pismo Beach.

RVs are the perfect way to explore California’s Pacific coast, as travelers can enjoy the best of both worlds with seemingly unlimited lodging choices to camp directly on the beach. And, with the flexibility you get with a dinghy or your tow vehicle, getting away to explore the best destinations along California’s coast couldn’t be easier.

In seeking beachfront camping, visitors can choose between reservations at one of many RV parks along the way, landing a beachfront spot at one of many state-run parks or, in some places, even parking your rig directly between the highway and the water on designated sites that allow extended stays.

Be advised, however, that such incredible accommodations create a lot of interest from campers, and many of these sites can be booked out six months in advance, so it’s important to make reservations as soon as possible. Also, remember that some sites won’t have hook-ups, so prepare to stay off the grid for the best views.

For reservations and information on California’s state-run RV parks and campgrounds, visit www.parks.ca.gov, or for privately owned facilities visit www.woodalls.com.

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7 Responses to “California Beach RV Camping Destinations”
  1. GeorgeSteele says:

    I posted this on a blog. I am in Fresno at the RV and MH park, a Good Sam park.

    I am recalling a spur-of-the-moment side trip. I saw a sign that said Sequoia National Forest and that sounded interesting. A trip through field after field of oranges led to a town at the foothills. Told a campsite was only 13 miles away I started off. The road to Porter Pass follows Porter’s path I think. 20mph hairpin turns with no guardrails. So, high in the mountains, having made a good 5 miles, I decided to pull off and enjoy the view.

    It was 7pm. I decided to stay the night right there. A grand total of two cars went by until 1am or so. Waking with the dawn, I brewed a cup of coffee strong, and attacked the mountain road again. Only an hour and a half later I found a trail named Trail of 100 Ancients. I had seen no one on the road in either direction. Had the trail to myself alone. Out of cell phone range.

    Walking in a natural cathedral with bird-music all around. I felt young when the placard noted that the Ponderosa was a mere 300 while the neighboring sequoia was 2000+. Alone I walked until I stopped thinking and fell into experiencing.

    Thank you taxpayers for providing me with a very private park today.

  2. Linda VanMarter says:

    Am not sure what ‘the soft sand beneath my feat’ would feel like but am sure it would feel good on my FEET.

  3. Good Sam says:

    Thank you for pointing out that error. This has now been updated.

  4. Irene says:

    We love the California state parks, but sadly we can no longer afford them. If you want to have any hookups in one of these parks it will cost from $50 to $65 A NIGHT. The most basic sites with nothing more than a parking spot cost $35 a night. We are retired public employees from Wisconsin and there is simply no way we can afford these prices. We’re so sad that this year we’ll have to forego our usual trip to California where camping is becoming affordable only for the wealthy.

  5. Gordon says:

    The May 1, 2012 federal government regulations that dramatically restricting where campers can park their units on all forest service land has taken much of the enjoyment out of camping in our national forests. Most of the forest roads that get off the beaten path have been closed to camping (restricted to no more than 30 feet from the center of the road). This new regulation also closes, to all vehicles, most of the roads that were at one time, logging roads. One wonders if the commercial campground operators were, in part, responsible and support the passing of this law that forces campers out of the forests and in into their campgrounds???

  6. Diana says:

    Has anyone traveled on Hwy 199 from Grants Pass OR to Creasent City CA? How was the drive, the climb and road conditions? What time of the year? We are going down to Santa Cruz in October and are considering taking this route. We have a 30′ 5th Wheel that we will be pulling. Any advise is appreciated.

    Good Sam Says Have you checked out the Good Sam Forums http://forums.goodsamclub.com/

  7. Denise Barr says:

    Dockweiler State park in Playa Del Ray, CA. LA County’s only beach RV Park. Front row is $65 a night with full hook-ups. Middle row is $60 and back row is $55. I recommend the front row if you can get it! Absolutely beautiful and quite a bargain for Oceanside!

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