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NEW Plans Now Available from Roadside Assistance

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June 28, 2012 by · 16 Comments 

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With so many roadside assistance programs on the market today, it’s tough to tell which is best. Good Sam Roadside Assistance offers more benefits at a lower price than the competition, and we are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance is expanding and we now have a variety of exciting NEW plans available for you to choose from.  Don’t own an RV? No problem! Our auto-only roadside assistance programs cover cars, trucks, SUVs and vans and start as low as $59.95 per year! Own more than one RV? Our Platinum program covers multiple RVs, autos, utility trailers and even motorcycles. With Good Sam Roadside Assistance you are protected by over 26 years of industry-leading experience and you now have the flexibility to choose a program that suits your lifestyle.

Plus, for a limited time only, first time buyers can SAVE 50% on Good Sam Roadside Assistance! Enroll today at the special price of only $56.47/year (Reg. $112.95)! Hurry – offer expires 7/29/12.

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16 Responses to “NEW Plans Now Available from Roadside Assistance”
  1. Tom Pinch says:

    We have the new rv pluscard and would like to use it more frequently ,but we are from Canada and the experience of trying to pay our account was very trying. Is there going to be a way in the future that we of the Great White North can pay through a Canadian intermediary ,not hva to set up an account in the U.S. ..

    I would also like to say, that when things were changing I got my back up and kneejerked about staying with the club. From what I have experienced so far all the changes have been good for the club and now am standing behind all that Marcus hasdone and will do to keep the club available for the future..

    Tom Pinch

    Good Sam says: Tom, great news! You should be able to pay your Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card’s bill using your Canadian account. You will simply need to add a “0″ at the front of your routing number. If you have any additional problems with this, the folks at Pilot Flying J are great to answer any questions related to your payments. You can contact them at 855-478-7587.

    Also, thanks for passing along your positive feedback regarding the Club. We’re so excited that you’re enjoying your membership!

  2. Hello,
    I’ve been with good Sam since 1965 and have never found a better club to belong to.They always have the best service, Always on call and have the best prices….

    Richard N Creasy Jr
    Appling Ga

  3. We have been with good Sam seems like forever,never found better service, Used your lock-out service a few weeks back.First call on time and friendly personnel got the job done in a few minutes ( unlocked my car ) No pay just said thank you and drove back to his shop.

    Ollie K Creasy

  4. Used twice since 01/2001. Most recent use was 06/29/2012 (afternoon) and the experience was not good. First responder took at least 40 minutes to show. He had no tow capability. Power Pack to jump start my vehicle was momentarily hooked up with reverse polarity (spark) and was not successful. His diagnosis: Bad Starter. I had to call a second time and insist that a tow capability be provided. Thus another 40 minutes. At least this guy knew what he was doing and his equipment was excellent. Vehicle problem was the battery (33 months old). Also, during my calls I was placed on hold several times. Music while I was waiting was terrible. Also, I got cutoff once and had to re-call. My roadside assistance membership expires 04/30/2013. I strongly doubt if I will renew it.

    Good Sam says:
    Bernie, please accept our most sincere apologies for this. We would like to learn more about this situation. Please email along with your member number and we will check into it right away. Thanks for your patience and for being a Good Sam member!
    Update:Thank you for your patience while we looked into this. Our records show that William from our resolutions department called and offered a 1 year extension of membership at our expense as goodwill. Additionally, the issues with the mobile mechanic will be reported to the Network Performance Manager. We’re glad that we could turn this terrible experience around.

  5. Ulrike Dunlap says:

    We’ve had Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance for many years and used it several times. Yes, sometimes the wait is long, but I can live with that – I’m sure, the wait would be even longer if I didn’t have Roadside Assistance at all! However, the last 2 times we called, we had to deal with phone operators way below any acceptable level of intelligence. One lady asked about our location, I told her XYZ, Arizona; she repeated it, then said she had to find it on her computer. After a long wait, she came back and said, “ok, so you are in New Jersey!” It seemed to take longer to explain to the operator where we were and what we needed, than it took the tow truck to get to us after she finally was able to figure it out. I think next time I will just give them my GPS coordinates!

  6. Gerald NIdy says:

    WoW! Not real good recommendations for one considering to buy the service. Sounds about like my experience trying to buy a lifetime membership!

  7. Linda Brewster says:

    Ah, yes, we, too, have Good Sam roadside assistance. But guess what? If you’re not stranded on the side of an interstate, they are of no use. On a recent trip from GA to IN our MH wouldn’t start in Elizabethtown, KY. They sent out a hammer mechanic who somehow miraculously got our MH started by banging on something underneath the MH. We proceeded on to IN, stayed two weeks, started back home, and broke down south of Nashville in a lane of traffic. Operator told us we’d have to call 911 who would send a police officer and he would order a wrecker. The wrecker cost us $125. Then we waited 3 1/2 hours for a mobile RV mechanic to come to us to get us on our way ($240). We got home, drove into the driveway, shut the MH off, and that was it. Wouldn’t restart. Had to call a roadside mechanic from Chattanooga (another $280). Other than Camping World, I couldn’t find an RV mechanic in any of the RV sales and service places that I called. My experience with Camping World is not a good one, so I refused to have my MH towed to the Chattanooga Camping World, hence all of the out-of-pocket expenses. Personally, I’m ready to go back to a van and a towable. This MH has been nothing but a pain in the rear (which I bought from Camping World). We are not inexperienced campers – have had towables since 1993; but IMHO motorhomes suck. And so does roadside assistance from Good Sam. I could just use my car insurance (Allstate) roadside service and do better.

    Good Sam says: Linda, we would like to learn more about your situation. We apologize for this inconvenience and can assure you that this isn’t the norm with Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Please email along with your member number and we will check into this right away.

  8. Anne says:

    We have had Roadside assisitance for a long while and had various breakdowns with efficient service each time. My daughter was on her plan and used it a few times also. We had trouble with our new truck leaking oil. They came to our house and towed to a ford place without charge. We had a flat with our rv, (inside tire) We were far from home. They were there within a half of an our. We were towed with our RV and car in tow, no problem. The service has been great. Reading the negatives makes me worry that we were just lucky

  9. Doug Garman says:

    We have had Platinum RSA for several years and there is a real problem with the call centers. The employees do not seem to know what an RV is, many have no idea where we were – Roslyn WA – was one of the places. The person at the call center insisted we were in the DC area and had to be in Maryland. They knew of the TV program, Northern Exposure, and finally figured that we were in Alaska. We finally got them to accept that I knew where we were and got them to find a tow company., I insisted they tell me who was coming, got a phone number. I called the tow company and found they had us on the other side of the freeway – in the other direction. The Call center had said it would be an hour – the call center told the tow company to wait for their call back before they came out. The driver came out changed the tire and was picking up the reflectors when they called him back and told him I did need the service! And that was 40 minutes AFTER they told me he would be there in an hour.
    However, another call was a blowout on the car dolly. I told the call center I would need a tire, and the size and that I would pay the driver reasonable cash for the tire. Ten minutes later a call from the tire store, They took my credit card information and then came out with a mobile tire rig put on the new tire. The driver also help me disconnect the improperly installed automatic brake adjuster. I was on my way within the hour I was quoted by the call center. The tire center made arrangement with the tow company so they could put the tire on the rim and not have to go to town. That was good service.
    We have had mostly good service, but the call centers can be VERY poor. One other example of poor call center service was one this last winter when a tire went flat on the car and we were caught in a snow storm. I fell and injured my back trying to get the spare and jack out, so I could not change the tire myself. I called the local tire store and they said the could / would come out. Then I called the call center. She insisted they could not use the local store, but would call a tow company either in Pendleton or Cascade Locks, either one over 100 miles away. That was not going to be satisfactory especially when she told me it would be 5 hours at least. Five hours on the side of the road in 9 degree weather was something the woman from California was NOT concerned about “Oh, don’t you have a heater?” She finally called the local Goodyear tire center and it did take them 45 minutes to get the 12 miles in the snow – 4 wheel drive AND chains. But he quickly got the tire changed and I got home to liniment and a heating pad.

    AND ONE OTHER COMPLAINT — The call centers have not understood Lat/Lon, so I do not think the locator service will work with those call centers.

    But you are better than AAA — and that is another LONG story 5 hours on the side of the Highway in Southern CA. with the tow company looking for a GEO – instead of a Tioga.

    Good Sam says: Doug, this is certainly an unusual case as we usually here great comments about our call center. We would like to learn more about your situation as well as your Good Sam Roadside Assistance call. Please email along with your member number and we will check into it right away. Thanks for your patience as we work to continually improve our efforts. It’s members like you who we aim to please based on your feedback.

  10. Doug says:

    Just used the roadside assistance for the first time when our Mini Cooper broke down. My wife called and they had a tow out to get her in about an hour. It was well handled and we were satisfied.

  11. Graham Ball says:

    We have used the service 3 times in the last two years. Always excellent. Keep up the good work.

  12. Angie Reed says:

    We just joined Good Sam Roadside Assistance in June, 2012 and had to use it over the weekend for our minivan in town. I stopped at the local WalMart and when I came out, my van wouldn’t start. It took about 35 minutes for the guy to come. The agent asked if I just needed a jump, and I told her I wasn’t sure but probably did. By the time the guy arrived, the Walmart service guy had already tested my battery and said it had enough charge and wasn’t the problem. The guy that came from Roadside Assistance came in a car with a portable jumping device. As expected, he didn’t have any luck jumping the battery. Next he tried starting it by doing something with a hammer (typically I’ve seen people use a screw driver on the solenoid, so I’m thinking that’s what he did. That didn’t work either. Both the WalMart service guy and the RA guy said they thought it was the starter relay which we could get at an auto parts place for about $30. I told them my husband would take care of it as he works on our cars and I thanked them for trying. The next day my husband bought the part and tried it but it didn’t work. We then called RA assistance again, and they sent a tow truck and we had it towed to our house as my husband thinks it’s the starter and would rather fix it himself to save on labor at a repair shop. I called RA to ask if we could have it towed to our house since my husband can fix it cheaper, and they said we’d just have to pay $4/mile for any additional miles over where the service shop was located. We ended up paying $16 as it was 4 miles farther to our house. Well worth not having to pay a service shop for labor. Overall, I was satisfied with the service and representatives I dealt with at RA and would use the service again, if needed.

  13. Good Sam says:

    Please accept our most sincere apologies for any troubles with Good Sam Roadside Assistance. We’re always working to improve this service. We would like to learn more about each of your unique situations so that we can check into it. Please email along with your member number and we will check into it right away.

  14. Jeff says:

    We have been RVing for over a decade and have been Good Sam Members for about the same amount of time. Joined the world of Roadside Assistance memebers about a year ago prior to retirement and a long trip. We needed them one time, it was a weekend and they would have my vehicle serviced on Monday as additional cost may be incurred on the weeked. We were in a safe place at an RV Park, Flying Flags RV in California, The neatest, friendly People and great Park, Oh sorry, anyway, I talked to GS and told them therre was a mobile mechanic tht could check out my situation on Sunday Morn as we had planned on being on the road by Monday. They agreed and problem wass resolved, only a wire broke ollose and tire changed out as when breaks were locking up it was due to a broken wire. We submitted the invoice, and when we got home a few weeks later, my reimbursment check form GS was already there. We also save some $$$ on our GMAC auto insurance du to this membership, cdl, credit union and homeowner status. Not all products provided by the genreal industry are for everyone, for us, We are happy and glad to be Life Time Members of the Good Sam Club, which now includes Camping World and a multidue of other resources. Good Luck & Be Safe ! ! !

  15. Norm Marks says:

    Just got back from a 2 month 8,000 + RV trip. Before going enrolled in the RVPLus program and looked forward to saving $.08 per gal on diesel. The program sounds great but it doesn’t always work. I found it failed on at least 3 different purchases. The last 2 I finally knew what to do after having called customer service. If you find your card doesn’t work at the pump and have to go to the desk, be sure to tell the clerk to scan the bar code on the back before swiping the card. That’ll give you your discount. I don’t thing Pilot/FlyingJ did a good job of training everyone.

    Good Sam Says Please accept our apologies for the difficulties you experienced. I have forwarded your comments on to our partners at Pilot/Flying J. KO

  16. Ruth Mullen says:

    Got this service and the first time I tried to use it, I knew I wouldn’t drop my AAA. Was on the phone for an HOUR with the Good Sam rep simply explaining that we needed a tire changed on a fifth wheel. Got put on hold, transferred around and cut off several times. We were stuck late at night in a bad area of a large city. Another hour later a tow truck driver calls and says (I kid you not) – “So, you need a wrecker?” I said “No, as I explained almost 2 hours ago I just need a flat tire on a fifth wheel changed”. He says “A fifth wheel? What’s that? A camper?”. Needless to say, I said FORGET IT! We made it to a Flying J that we discovered was about 10 miles away. TERRIBLE experience. I expected more when I signed up for 3 years of what sounded like good service. When my brother had a flat tire on his fifth wheel and called Good Sam Roadside Assistance, he had to give the tow truck driver a jack and show him how to change it!!! Needless to say, if he has another flat, he’ll just change it himself.

    Good Sam Says Please email me ( your member number and I will forward your comments to our Roadside Assistance coordinators.

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