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Keep Your Awning Clean

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July 18, 2012 by · 3 Comments 

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Keep Your Awning CleanFrom a few hundred to well over a thousand dollars, RV awnings are an expensive item that’s subjected to the harshest elements encountered while traveling. Whether it’s the heat and dust on vacation or the stresses of mold and moisture while stored, your RV’s awning is subjected to it all while protecting its owners from the sun. Keep your awning looking good and functioning like new, all while ensuring it lasts as long as possible to avoid wasting money on premature replacement.

The first, easiest and most important maintenance tip is to thoroughly clean your awning after every use before rolling it back up in its housing. Sticks, pinecones, acorns and any other debris can damage your awning’s fabric and jam the retraction mechanism. Carry a long-handle broom or washing brush to clean off any accumulated residue or objects — you’ll certainly find other uses for that broom!

Whether it’s a nice sunny day, or you’re preparing to store your awning for an extended period, regularly cleaning your awning can keep it looking and functioning like new. Whether your shade is vinyl or acrylic, simply washing with soap and water will be adequate. Most awnings will tolerate a bit of bleach in the cleaning solution for tougher jobs.

To prevent fabric-destroying mildew, make sure the awning is completely dry before stowing. Avoid harsh or abrasive chemicals that may degrade the fabric or vinyl. After washing, inspect the retraction hardware, and clean and lubricate all moving parts as needed. Once dry, treat with a waterproofing fabric sealant designed for outdoor use.

Once your awning is cleaned, dried and stored, inspect all bolts, nuts and other fasteners to prevent damage from winds when extended, or while stored and driving down the road. The goal is to ensure everything is properly aligned for smooth awning operation.

Lastly, remember to avoid trouble with your awning, which is not designed for high winds or prolonged exposure to rain. Check your owner’s manual for proper cleaning and maintenance of your awning.

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3 Responses to “Keep Your Awning Clean”
  1. Heath says:

    So many people leave their shade awnings dirty, yet it doesn’t take much to clean them up. Great to see these easy tips!

  2. C Mason says:

    We need to replace our old RV awning but for the meantime we purchased special awning tape . It made a very easy to do and very good seal for a temporary fix. Wash and dry the awning first then apply tape on upper side. It works!

  3. Robert Croy says:

    What is the best method to remove black streaks from exterior of RV ?

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