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Leaky Water Heater

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July 10, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

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By Ken Freund

I have a 1991 Class C motorhome with a gas/electric water heater. Last fall, I winterized all the piping but forgot to take the plug out of the Atwood water heater. The worst-case scenario happened.

On our first trip out, it started to leak profusely. I bypassed it for the rest of the journey. Now what? Do I assume the tank is cracked and buy a new unit? How difficult are they to remove from the RV? I would like to attempt to replace it myself.

James Shaw
Good Sam Member

Assuming the leak is from inside and not the plumbing, yes, you need a new unit. Difficulty depends on how the coach is built around it.

Ken Freund
Good Sam Club

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One Response to “Leaky Water Heater”
  1. Ann Liberty says:

    Our Hot water heater heats for a few minutes and properly turns self off. We have read up and done a lot of trouble shooting. Tank not leaking, Gets hot shuts self off appropriately. But No hot water to spigots. One technition gave a tip that often some “stop cock” or siphon preventer, may have some debry and may be opened to clean. Can you tell me where this piece is located.? Ihave been all over it. Not sure what am looking for. Thanks so much in advance, Sincerely, Ann Liberty

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