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Water-Pressure Fallacy

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July 10, 2012 by · 7 Comments 

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Water-Pressure Fallacy

For the sake of Highways readers, please explain that leaving the campground-water supply valve partially open does not keep the pressure lower in the RV. It only affects the volume.

Many people in the campgrounds think they can get by without the pressure-reducing valve (PRV) if they open the valve only part way. Doing that only changes flow, but with everything off in the unit the pressure builds to campground pressure in the lines in the unit. The PRV should always be used, and installed at the campground spigot so the supply hose and the RV are at a safely maintained pressure.

I am a retired plumber and live full time in our RV. We do some work-camping, and have had many people doing this, thinking they are protecting the plumbing in their recreational vehicle.

Jim Kooima
Sioux Falls, SD

Bob: Consider it done, Jim. Thank you for your insights.

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7 Responses to “Water-Pressure Fallacy”
  1. Jeff says:

    I agree and always use the prv when hooked up. The other thing I have seen is if they use one, sometimes they hook it up at the rv connection therefore not protecting the hose. I tshould be hooked up at the spigot prior to any additional fittings, hoses etc. We also, when hooked up at a location and are going to be gone for a day, we turn off the spigot for safety sake while away in the event there is a malfunction wit the prv or leak inside. Good Luck & Be Safe ! ! !

  2. Tom Neal says:

    Took my new Windsport out on its maiden voyage and learned very quickly when I use the PRV (50 psi) i lose about half of the pressure inside the coach. Difficult to take a shower with such a low flow. Anyone have a solution for me?

  3. Don Stockdale says:

    RE: Safari Simba RED, frig must be set to max for ice maker to function, both on AC or Gas, no
    instructions in mfr data for adjustment of the thermocouple placement.
    Please publish procedures.

  4. Don Stockdale says:

    I bought a house type regulator, fitted it with garden type hose male and female connectors, adjusted it for 45 psig, problem solved, the little toy one went out in the garbage
    Don S

  5. Good Sam says:

    We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. I have forwarded these posts to Tech Topics for further assistance.

  6. Wallace Ladner says:

    I have a 5th wheel. what is the water pressure recomendation? I use a PRV and also experence low pressure and would like to increase but not sure what to go to.

  7. Donald Lamoureux says:

    I noticed at the Rv store that I visit and through they have a High Volume Water Regulator will this help with the low water pressure in the camper. I had one individual say it works, has anyone else used it or heard of it?

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