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Going to Bat for You

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August 20, 2012 by · 3 Comments 

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When Good Sam members come to Action Line with consumer issues, we step to the plate. Since 1981, Action Line has been bringing members and businesses together to resolve their disputes. The Good Sam Club hasthe clout to make things happen, whether it’s approved coverage, financial reimbursement or an apology. After you’ve exhausted all the normal channels for resolution, tell us about  your complaint and send copies of therelated bill or correspondence. We’ll go to bat for you. 

A Case of Mistaken Identity
I planned on an easy replacementto the pin box on my 2009 Arctic Fox fifth wheel by ordering a Mor/ryde rubber pin box. I retrieved my model number from the Lippert pin box and went to to place an order. I observed the recommendation to measure the pin box if the model number couldn’t be found, but I had located mine. I called Tweety’s and verified that I had the correct one based on the part number. I was pleased when it arrived the very next day, but when I attempted to install it, none of the holes would line up. I contacted Mor/ ryde, and they informed me that the Mor/ryde pin box was the correct model number, but the model number of the Lippert pin box was not. I contacted Tweety’s and spoke to Wes in customer service. Wes said Tweety’s wouldn’t pay for the shipping to exchange the pin box because I ordered the wrong one. Now I’m stuck with paying to return the pin box and having another one shipped to me. The additional shipping charges will be almost $250 to return the item and receive a replacement. I feel I shouldn’t have to pay for an error made by Lippert. — G.F. Bergen – Caldwell, Idaho

 Action Line: After Action Line forwarded this information to Lippert Components, we received the following message from Good Sam member G.F.

I’ve been contacted by Michael Locke from Lippert. He informed me that the mismarking of the pin box model number was Lippert’s mistake, and they would cover the shipping (my fuel costs) to return the previous Mor/ryde pin box and have the correct pin box shipped to me. I’ll be sending him the fuel receipts (I returned the pin box myself) and the shipping charges from Tweety’s that were incurred to acquire the new pin box for my rig. The new, correct pin box is on its way to me from Georgia. I do appreciate your response and quick action.

Too Much Torquing
We purchased a new 2011 Keystone Cougar High Country travel trailer in April last year and in July had an axle recalled for being underweight. The axles were replaced in October. On our way to Yuma on November 13, just out of Burlington, Washington, our rear driver’s side wheel broke off from the rim. The next day we had our trailer taken to the Burlington Camping World. Keystone replaced the drum bearings and lug nuts. On November 23 we were on the road again and only made it to Tacoma before we lost a nut. We stopped at the Tacoma Camping World, and they replaced the nut and torqued the wheels. We then made it 30 miles to Olympia, and all the nuts had to be torqued again. We tightened the nuts every 25 to 40 miles and made it to Corning, California. After that, we did it every 100 miles all the way to Bakersfield and then once more between Bakersfield and Laughlin, Nevada. The service manager at the Burlington Camping World had opened a repair work sheet to replace all four drums. We went to Mohave RV in Fort Mohave, Arizona, on November 24 for the work. They replaced the drums, but Keystone wouldn’t replace our rims. The service technician said the ones on the trailer were badly damaged due to the nuts coming loose during our travel. The holes went from round in shape to oval. We put on steel rims rather than the aluminum rims that had originally been on the trailer. The service guy said steel rims should never come loose like aluminum ones. We paid $308 for new rims and were back on the road on December 23. All the way to Yuma we had to torque every 25 miles. We called the service in Mohave, and they’d never heard of so much torquing. Our complaint is not only for the inconvenience of such delays and the cost of hotels and RV parks but also for Keystone not replacing our rims and putting us in a potentially dangerous situation. This problem wasn’t caused by us but by the axles or the drums. The delays caused us hardship, and we didn’t feel safe towing our trailer.  — Ed Beaulieu  – Yuma, Arizona

Action Line : After contacting Keystone Owner Relations, Action Line heard from Robyne Hakes that Keystone was working directly with Good Sam member Ed Beaulieu to resolve the problem.

Keystone is assisting Mr. Beaulieu with a reimbursement. We are replacing these wheels with OEM originals and are addressing his wheel and lug nut repairs through a Keystone dealer. If you have a dispute… over an  RV-related issue, contact Action Line by sending an email to or writing to Action Line, Highways, P.O. Box 90020, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102- 9020. Send a brief  letter of explanation and, if applicable, copies of receipts or other  pertinent records. Good Sam members may also submit their disputes online on the Good Sam website.


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3 Responses to “Going to Bat for You”
  1. Beware all members of Good Sams Club. This park is a nightmare waiting in the balance. My husband and I are Good Sam members of 1 year. We chose this RV park because of their “christian?” values and thought we could trust them. I can’t name the many problems we’ve had with them. Their maintenance man is a drunkard. You have to hide in your RV to escape him. Management is a farce. There are broken culverts and RV’s can lose a tire in them. The ponds are NOT stocked. The pool is NOT heated. And they recently sold it to some pakistans or indians. Even though you are on a month to month lease they claim you need to give them notice if you leave. That’s not Texas Law. There are many code violations and if your RV is struck by lightning then you are stuck with a $5K+ bill. We were not hit by lightning but our power chord shorted and we could only use 1 appliance at a time. Kemah RV told us it was our 5er and made us pay for damages. If you go to this park, Kemah RV Resort, you are putting your assets on the line. We decided to move. They charged us $175 because we didn’t give them notice. Don’t be misled. Nothing on their website is true. Most things don’t work at this website and we are upset that Good Sams has this place listed on their website. I am so disappointed by everything between Good Sams and Kemah RV Resort that I don’t know who is more liable in this matter.

    RVer BEWARE of this place. Good Sams! Save your reputation and remove this park from your listing! We feel betrayed and will not be renewing our membership because of you.

    Good Sam says: Please accept our most sincere apologies for the difficulties you experienced and be assured that your email has been forwarded to our Trailer Life department for further investigation. I have contacted you by email with Action Line’s contact information.

  2. larry and martha says:

    we have never use or read the coments that people wright in. thay are very good. we have been a member for about 10 years.
    we purchased a 2003 kountry star by newmar it came with a 7 year warrenty the warrenty was good until it came to the paint on our rv.about 4 years sence new we had the clear coat start to peeled. we toock it to easy living rv in okechobee fl. thay call newmar and sent pictures did this 2 times.then we went to orlando ,working we had awiper problem so we pulled in to inderpendence rv thay fix the wipers. we talk and thay took pic. also thay made calls and took more pics .then thay said thay lost them. Tod told us that thay had problems with the clear coat , still never got repaiar so we had Tod the service manager paint it for us we payed for it and it is still pilling in orther places we love our coach we special order it .is there any thing you can do for us or do you think its to late we have orthers with the same problem thank you

    Larry and Martha Massey

    Good Sam Says: Please accept our most sincere apologies for the difficulties you experienced. I have sent you an e-mail to discuss this issue in more depth and detail.

  3. Nelson Barker says:

    Good morning
    I had recently sent you an e-mail, on your website, regarding difficulties we are having with Go Rv Warranty / Allegiance CSI Care and a warranty claim we submitted this October. I am wondering if you received my query and / or you require additional info (copy of policy, contract, receipt), which I will provide, if required.
    Allegiance claims our extended warranty was declined upon application, although we did not receive any notification to that effect. We paid for 4 years extended warranty ($3,661.00) and received a receipt & signed copy of their policy (15 pages, including fine print) on October 10 / 2010.
    I have not been able to contact Go Rv , as it seems their phone has conveniently been out of order.
    Hoping you can provide some help or information regarding this ‘dilemma’!!
    Thank you, Nelson Barker

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