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Members SAVE on Camping with Passport America

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September 24, 2012 by · 14 Comments 

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Passport AmericaGood Sam Club members save 50% on nightly campground fees by joining the Passport America program! The Passport America Discount Travel Card offers members more choices of places you can receive discounts on camping with their network of over 1,800 participating campgrounds. Good Sam Club members can join at the special rate of only $39.95 for one year (Reg. $44.95)! That’s a savings of $5 for Good Sam members. Plus, join today and receive three months free!**

Upon joining Passport America, you’ll receive the International Camping Directory and your personalized 50% Travel Card. Plus, get more of what you love with free online access to campground updates and unlimited access to the digital RV America magazine. Passport America’s website gives you access to an additional RV resource with their RV forums, where you can uncover the latest RV tips and tricks, a lowest fuel price locator and more. Also included in your Passport America Discount Travel card is a free email address service.

When you stay at participating campgrounds, your Travel Card will save you 50% off the regular nightly camping fee, from $5 and up. Rates are printed in the directory, along with other requirements that may vary from park to park, such as length of time you can stay at the park and receive the 50% discount and if the park requires or takes reservations. The discounted camping fee includes most hookups such as water, electricity and sewer; this information is also included in the Passport America Directory for your convenience and to help with trip planning.

Passport America memberships are available at all Camping World SuperCenters and

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14 Responses to “Members SAVE on Camping with Passport America”
  1. Noelle says:

    That was really cool and brilliant! Thanks!

    Noelle @

  2. Philip Swanson says:

    You need to show the participating campgrounds BEFORE a person joins because many are junky. Would never join unless I knew which ones are included beforehand.

  3. Steve says:

    Philip – you can go to and find the campgrounds :)

  4. stan batten says:

    I would never join without knowing which parks participate. We primarily camp on the east coast area, why would I join if most of the parks are out west? Sounds similar to the discounts on fuel offered at Flying J stations. You join and apply for the card and then none of the stations I have shopped at so far are either not set up for the program or do not participate. One more strike for good sam club and I’m out of it.

  5. Bryan Wallis says:

    I just did some checking on some places I know personally or have stayed at…I did find one that seemed like a good deal.

    However, the others I checked you really had to read the fine print, seasonal restrictions, number of days of validity (ie two in a row), only applying from Sun-Thur, or similar. Quite frankly most places offer discounts for off season times, mid weeks, and longer 5 days. I don’t see the value here, just another gimmick.

    If there is nothing offered at particular place, like off season, long stays etc. I usually ask for some deal, if I don’t get it, I look elsewhere where I can get it or I just suck it up if I really really want to stay at a particular place.

  6. Leon Ellis says:

    I have used Passport America for years and love it, yes there are restrictions but if you only use it 2 times you more than have your money back.
    You won’t get the discount if you only travel to the most popular areas in their rush season but this is not what the program is about.

    Aloha Leon

  7. Ken Orr says:

    I use PA a lot. Many State Campgrounds are on the list also, I’ve stayed at two in Ohio, (Maumee State Park, and East Harbor State Park). Yes, many don’t honor it on Fri and Sat, or Florida in the winter, but getting there you should be able to find them along the way. It only takes a couple and you have your money back.

  8. pat jett says:

    I see ** after “three months free” but cannot find the ** reference anywhere to see the “catch”. Why not just give the price as 75% of full price to show the 3 months we don’t have to pay for?

  9. Harvey Martignoni says:

    Hi, I just purchased the Passport America Travel Card. It says if u purchase now an additional three months will be added to your card. At check out it only says a one year membership. How does that work. Please check on it for me to see if I will be getting the 15 month membership.

    Harvey Martignoni
    G S member # 64008006

  10. azjesters says:

    Can this offer be used to renew or extend an existing membership? Or, does it have to be a new membership? Thanks

  11. abfisher says:

    I too want to know if can be used for renewing or just for new membership. I also have to agree that the discount with Passport America is rather restrictive and like the Flying J gasj discount not really the great of deal (currently you can do better buying gas at Walmart with their credit card or going in and buying their gift card in $ equal to what you think you will spend in gas that time or future stops (10cents off per gallon thru 12/31 with gift card and 15cents off per gallon with credit card) and what is left over can always be used to shop in Walmart. I usually put more dollar than I estimate I think I will need in gas to be sure I have enough dollars to buy the amount of gas I need.. Several of the Passport America campgrounds that we stayed at only offered us an additional $5– off, of course no weekends. Also they were usually rather junky–run down definitely not even Good Sams quality which even sometimes leaves a little to be desired. We do not swanky campgrounds, just clean and neat with reasonable price and reasonable space between campers. Do Not want to be shoved in like sardines in a can where when you step out your camper door and you almost bump into the neighboring camper . Hope you reply to the comments.

  12. Good Sam says:

    Hello All,

    Thank you all for asking about this deal with Passport America. First I want to let you all know that this deal is set up as part of our Smile and Save program. Remember Passport America has no direct ties with Good Sam other then they are one of our Smile & Save partners. This 15 month deal is only for new members joining Passport America, and isn’t meant for current members of Passport America. However with that said I would contact Passport America and see what additional deals they are offering for current members of that program.

    Good Sam

  13. Bob Green says:

    We have been Passport members for just over a year now, and have just come home from about 10 months on the road. I know that we saved almost $2000.00 in campground fees in that period. When Passport was not valid, we simp[ly used the Good Sam 10% reduction as most campgrounds are members of both. I can only HIGHLY RECCOMEND joining Paspport America.

  14. why is it you stop at some good sam rv look for discount they say all ready incluted

    Good Sam Says: Well Ben, to answer your question all Good Sam Parks are required to give a 10% discount on the nightly rate, everyday of the year when a member presents their Good Sam membership card. However if an RVer is staying one-week, two-weeks, month or longer, a Good Sam park is not required to give the 10% discount on top of their weekly or monthly special rates. Did you recently stay at a campground where you thought your Good Sam discount wasn’t given? If so please e-mail me at with the detials so we can discuss this more.

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