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Members Receive Instant Rebates at!

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October 26, 2012 by · 10 Comments 

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We’re continually looking to add more value to your Good Sam Club membership, so the Good Sam Club has partnered with to bring you even more member savings. Camping World recently launched its Buy More, Save More program – a new member-exclusive offer that allows Good Sam members to earn up to 8% savings in Instant Rebates on each and every online order! Additionally, members will continue to enjoy free shipping* on online orders.

To take advantage of your new member savings, simply add items to your shopping cart at Then enter your Good Sam member number in the shopping cart, or if you already have an online Camping World account, you can simply sign into your online account. Your Instant Rebates (and your member-exclusive shipping discounts) will automatically be subtracted from your subtotal!

For more information on this new program, visit

Start Earning Instant Rebates Now!

*Exclusions apply. See site for details

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10 Responses to “Members Receive Instant Rebates at!”
  1. Bill Swires says:

    i’m disappointed that you keep advertising free shipping with on line orders when you have stopped that great benefit, unless you want to spend 99.00 or more to get free shipping. this makes it seem like you still get it until you read the fine print. why don’t you just put it like it is and have your ads read free shipping if you spend 99.00 or more online. don’t try to hide the fact that you changed how you do business. just my thoughts. thanks bill

  2. Donna H says:

    Have to agree with Bill on this one. I was quite sad to see that I really didn’t get free shipping after being so excited when I first saw the banner on the website.

  3. Brad Sloan says:

    I agree with Bill & Donna .

  4. George Toscano says:

    I agree with Bill and the others: False Advertising as far as I’m concerned. In my business, I advertise free shipping with $30 dollars or more, and it”s not hidden in the fine print.

  5. Larry A Similey says:

    I have to agree with the above… I spent over $600.00 on line with the “free shipping” notes but was charged handling and special shipping… When I complained I was told, “oh it has to come by truck” look for the the little truck for info, but, when it was shipped, it came UPS…. Not good sales procedures…A very unhappy camper

    Good Sam says: After speaking with Camping World about your issue, I was told they had resolved this to your satisfaction already. However if that is not the case then please feel free to contact us at and we would be more then happy to continue to assist you.

  6. Karen Jarvis says:

    I agree with all the above, I ordered from Camping World because of the shipping discount, then had to pay shipping. I will no longer order from Camping World. What a scam you are running.

  7. Robert Bell says:

    I was going to place an order till I saw the comments and checked out site – went elsewhere and bought local.

  8. Good Sam says:

    Hello Everyone,

    When we reviewed our Free Shipping program, we discovered that we had many customers ordering one item a day at a minimal cost (for example three dollars) which in turn was at a cost of eight dollars or more to ship. At this time, we realized we needed to look at what was a healthy transaction for our company, while still being able to provide a great service for our members. After careful analysis we arrived at the offer for Free Shipping on orders over $99. This offer allows us to continue a shipping benefit, without having to raise prices. The intent is enable our membership to make online orders and still give them a great savings. At the same time we made the changes in our Free Shipping program, we added our instant rebate program. The instant rebate program is intended to give you even more buying power. I would encourage everyone to check it out in more detail at

  9. William Fletcher says:

    Good to see Good Sam is reviewing and responding comments, however you didn’t address the real issue. Why are you advertising free shipping when that not totally correct. Actually it’s mis-leading.

    Why don’t you just advertise Free Shipping on orders over $99?

    Good Sam says: Thank you for your comments, and because we clearly make note of the fact that there are restrictions and we instruct all to read the disclamiers about the shipping offer. We don’t hide anything about the shipping costs at all.

  10. Gerald Link says:

    Disclaimers my ***! Just tell everyone up front. Don’t hide the $99 Minimum order in a damned disclaimer that is in the “fine print” so small that most of us won’t waste time trying to read iit. I agre with Wiliam and others who are complaining. Wake up and LISTEN!

    Good Sam says: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. As we have stated in the past we have listened to your feedback, and should a change be made it will be open for all to see.

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