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How Level Is Level?

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How Level Is Level?

Q: I’ve read articles about the importance of leveling an RV when operating an absorption refrigerator. This is done to prolong the life of the unit and provide efficient operation. However, in none of the articles does it mention how level is level. It’s virtually impossible to get an RV perfectly level, and when it’s close the rig begins to settle in the ground, and there goes the level. We all have those bubble levels on our rigs, but what is acceptable when it comes to leveling?

Is there a measurement or number of degrees off level that is unsatisfactory?

— Chuck Kuzma, Niceville, Florida

A: The short answer is that, if you’re comfortable inside the RV, the refrigerator will usually function fine. If you open the refrigerator door and it doesn’t move much (providing it’s not binding), it’s probably level enough for the refrigerator.

It’s best to use a bubble level in the freezer compartment. If the bubble is halfway into the center ring, the refrigerator is level enough to function properly. Better yet, put the bubble level in the freezer compartment and level the rig. Place stick-on levels on the front and side of your RV. Now you can level the rig from the outside and be confident the refrigerator is level. That also gives you a way to glance quickly to find a suitable spot when parking temporarily to go shopping or sightseeing.

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