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Rev Up Our Campground Search Engine

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You’ve spent months planning that coast-to-coast RV trip across North America. You’ve painstakingly assembled a list of must-see attractions, from the Grand Canyon to Branson to the Liberty Bell. Now comes the important part: finding campgrounds along the journey that meet your individual standards of comfort, cleanliness, appeal and amenities.’s newly expanded online travel tools empower you to find the RV parks that meet your specific preferences. Whether you’re planning a long excursion from park to park or simply seek a place to stay for the weekend, our online search functions and brand-new map features enable you to find the right match.

Do you drive a 46-foot bus conversion? No problem. Our campground search filters can show big-rig-friendly parks near your destination. Eager to see which Good Sam Parks lie along your route? Our map search shows the discounted Good Sam Parks along the highways, byways and interstates you’ll be driving. Zoom in to get a close-up view of all of the Good Sam Parks, RV services and Camping World SuperCenters in a particular area and scan the map to find what lies in your path.

Make the Most of Campground Searches
The website’s Find a Campground feature puts all of the information about our 2,200+ Good Sam Parks at your fingertips, placing these parks in preferred order when you comb through our database of more than 14,000 RV parks. Not only do Good Sam Parks meet high standards of quality based on Good Sam’s three-numbered rating system, they also offer the 10 percent discount to members.

After logging in on, click on Plan a Trip and select Find a Campground. From there you can start your search by entering the region you’ll be visiting. If you have a specific RV park in mind, fill in all or part of in the Facility Name and find your match.

You can also narrow the results by using various filters. One option allows you to search for campgrounds based on the Good Sam Directory Rating System, the three-number grade that assesses campgrounds by facilities, cleanliness and visual appeal. If immaculate restrooms are a must, then search for parks in order of their restroom ratings, with perfect 10s showing up first. If amenities are a priority, select parks that have high ratings in that category. The same goes for visual appeal.

If you prefer, re-sort the results by distance. For instance, if you’re traveling to Disneyland and don’t mind a little driving, you can search for campgrounds within a 200-mile radius of the Magic Kingdom’s Anaheim, California, home. Conversely, you can narrow that search down to Good Sam Parks within a 25-mile radius of your destination.

Hone your search even more by using additional filters. Click on the Pets box, and the search shows only those campgrounds on your route that welcome animals. Refine your search even further by showing only Good Sam Parks with perfect facilities ratings.

If you prefer a park with swimming facilities or are particular about age restrictions, we’ll help you weed out the parks that don’t meet your needs. With 33 filter categories to choose from, you can customize your search to your liking.

Introducing Map-Based Searches
Now on, you can also look for RV parks using our new Map Search. This state-of-the-art map tool gives a bird’s-eye view of your trip. Just double-click to zoom in on the map, or simply enter a city and state or province to zip to the region you’ve identified.

With all the new map features, you’ll get a clear picture of the RV parks, attractions, shopping and recreational opportunities in proximity to your planned route or destination. Slide along the map on your computer screen to get the lay of the land before you’ve even turned on your ignition.

To show only the types of RV parks you’re looking for, use the search filters to zoom in for more details about the region. Look for the pins bearing our smiling, halo-topped mascot to see the Good Sam Parks along the way. Blue CW icons show Camping World locations, and camera icons tag popular attractions.

Clicking on an icon opens a window that shows basic location information. For example, when you click on a campground icon, you’ll see that campground’s rating, contact information and essential amenities. A link to the RV park’s details page takes you to a complete guide to that campground’s features and RV facilities.

A handy geo-locator shows your location so you can determine your relative position to RV parks and other destinations. Use the satellite view to see the kinds of terrain you’re visiting.

Don’t settle for just any RV park. Find the ones that meet your particular standards and enjoy RVing to the fullest. Try out the enhanced campground search and map features today at

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