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Splitting the Difference on Tires

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ActionLineWhen Kentucky Good Sam members Kelley and Raymond Dawes noticed unusual wear on their travel trailer’s tires, they asked Action Line to step in to help recover the cost of four new tires.

In October 2010, we purchased a new Keystone Bullet 278RLS from Travel N’ Time in Cadiz, Kentucky. Two months after we bought the travel trailer, Travel N’ Time went out of business.

In November 2012, we noticed all four tires were wearing on the inside and contacted Keystone RV’s owner relations department. The representative suggested contacting the axle manufacturer and told us the axles had a two-year warranty. We then spoke with Denise at Dexter Axle. She said that the axles on our travel trailer weren’t holding the tube during turns, which was causing the tire wear, and that Keystone was upgrading the axles on newer models to a 3-inch tube for more support. Denise graciously supplied two axles and labor, even though we were a few weeks out of the warranty.

We contacted Keystone and explained what Denise had told us and asked if Keystone would help with the purchase of four new tires. The representative said that components can change from year to year but that doesn’t mean there’s a problem. She also suggested that our tires may have been underinflated. We checked the tires periodically, and they were always at the recommended pressure.

Because we didn’t trust the worn tires, we purchased four new one when the axles were replaced. We would appreciate any help you can provide with reimbursement.

Good Sam Action Line sent a petition to Keystone RV on the couple’s behalf, and shortly after that they received the following note from Kara Paris in the manufacturer’s owner relations department:

Keystone RV is committed to building a defect-free product, and I am sorry to read that you are experiencing problems with your 2010 Keystone Bullet. Occasionally a problem will present itself on one of our units. Knowing the reality of this, Keystone provides each customer with a one-year limited warranty. Although your warranty expired on October 18, 2011, we have agreed as goodwill to cover half the total cost for tire replacement and will reimburse you in the amount of $213.36.

Since 1981, the Good Sam Club’s Action Line has helped resolve thousands of disputes between members and businesses. If you have an RV-related consumer issue and would like assistance from Good Sam, contact Action Line.

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