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Tanglewood RV Campground, Winston-Salem, NC…

Today find us pulling out of a wonderful park in North Carolina; the ‘RV Tanglewood’ Campground, located just west of Winston-Salem in Clemmons, NC.  This well manicured, 44 site RV park (no tents allowed), is conveniently located just off of I-40, but is blissfully lacking in road noise and traffic!  We had a lovely stay

Tried and True Remedies for Poison Oak

Best Ways of Surviving Poison Oak—most recently tried and found to be true. With summer right around the corner and more outdoor time being scheduled—here is a little warning for those who want to avoid a red, swollen, itchy, uncomfortable, pus-filled, raised and blistery rash that lasts about a week (and oftentimes longer).  Pay close