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Keeping Chassis Batteries Charged

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March 1, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

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battery jumper cable mod copy

Check out this inspired solution from an experienced RVer:

I keep our motorhome plugged in when it’s not being used so the three-stage inverter/charger can maintain the house batteries charge. This works fine, but when I cover the coach, the solar panel for charging the chassis batteries doesn’t work very well. To fix this problem, I put a short jumper cable between the 12-volt positive terminal of the house batteries and the 12-volt positive terminal of the chassis batteries. I made the jumper using two car battery clips connected with paralleled 10-gauge insulated wires.

Now all batteries stay charged. I put a labeled clothes-pin on the steering wheel to remind me to remove the jumper when the motorhome is put back in service.

James Kohls, Belmont, Michigan

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