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Invisible Monitor

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May 31, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

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ActionLineA few years ago, Good Sam Club members Bob and Marie Brooke of Newberry, Michigan purchased a tire pressure monitor and liked it so much, they decided to upgrade to the newer model. We purchased a tire monitor from Tire-safeguard, in California, a few years ago.  We had trouble with communication with them back then and the Action Line was able to help us.  We really like this system and purchased an upgraded monitor in January 2014.  We used it once before the monitor screen stopped reading correctly.  The numbers either were not visible or unreadable.  We have contacted Dion, the seller at the rally, and he said he would send us another.   We first contacted Dion on February 1, 2014 and after numerous calls, emails, and promises from Dion, we still have not received the new monitor.  I sent him another email today telling him we would only be at this park until March 12th and to please send it to this address but I have no hope of hearing from him.
Good Sam Action Line contacted Dion at Tire-safeguard on behalf of Bob & Marie.  A few weeks later Action Line received this reply from Marie & Bob:
Thank you for your help.  We finally received the monitor on Friday.  I am sure we would not have gotten a response without your help.
Thank you,
Marie and Bob Brooke

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