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Master Mechanic, The Auto Doctor, Saturday Mechanic, teacher, trainer, race car driver, photographer, author, and more are all titles that Brad Sears has worn proudly. Now, in his late seventies, he still writes and consults as well as travels with DW Lucy and kitty kats Earl and Max in their 1990, yes and oldie but goodie, 38 foot Foretravel Diesel Pusher. Each six month winter trip sees more than 12,000 miles pass under the wheels seeking warm weather as well as a trip from New Hampshire to Seattle to see grand daughter and family. The old coach has covered the Lincoln Highway, route 66, the pacific Coast Highway, route 30 and other historic roads. Brad has been in the automobile business for more than 60 years starting in the family garage business in Needham, Massachusetts. From there it was not a difficult move into the world of Automotive Education teaching in Vocational Schools, corporate training, post secondary, and his own training company. During this time he began writing and a broadcasting career as a second endeavor while keeping a hectic teaching schedule, creating At Your Service For Car Owners on the CBS radio network. William Loeb, the then publisher of the Manchester Union Leader, gave Brad his entrance into the world of the written word as Auto Editor of his papers. PBS TV found the energetic Sears and produced Last Chance Garage, a TV show about what else, cars with Sears as the writer and on air host. Sears has also served as spokesperson for several major makers of auto related products. Most notably was the campaign by Fram Oil filters “Pay Me Now Or Pay Me Later!” He has wowed audiences all over the US and Canada doing car care clinics. Sears’ written work has appeared regularly in Popular Mechanics, Atlantic Monthly, 30 or more news papers including the LA Times, and several trade magazines. Although supposedly retired for more than 15 years he is still found teaching in rural New Hampshire several hours a day. As Sears puts it I have been in the Auto Industry for more than one half of it’s life and have been there and done that. He has also been an RV’er and camper for about the same length of time.

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Road Food Geezer Style

I wrote this column for a local newspaper after I found that they were contemplating a best of restaurant contest for the local eateries. But I thought that it might fit here, so put on your eatin bib and read on.

By Brad Sears

Now you did not hear it from me but there is a pretty good rumor around that there might be a best of... [Read more]

Who be the Geezer?

By Brad Sears (AKA The Geezer)

This is a new venture and as such you the reader deserve to know who I am and what to expect from future blogs. First of all I am an old goat and as such am opinionated, contrary, set in my ways, and a cheap old Yankee. Way back when writing was putting food on the table and sending kids to college I had to watch my P’s and Q’s and stay... [Read more]