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RV Tire Tip: Don’t Overdress

RV tire tip — don’t overdress. I was tired of the overspray from my tire dressing getting onto my tow vehicle’s freshly cleaned rims, so I devised the following solution. Get a piece of cardboard approximately 30-36 inches square. Measure the diameter of the rim on the tow vehicle. Using a piece of string tied

Choosing Between Electric-Induction or Propane Stoves

RV electric induction or propane? Which is the best cooking solution for you?  Through the years, propane gas has been the go-to for RV cooking fuel. This worked well, as propane also was used for the hot-water heater as an additional fuel for the refrigerator and for the furnace to heat the interior of the

Personalizing Your RV on a Budget

RV personalizing — putting your stamp on your ride. Personalizing your RV can be an expensive proposition if you opt for custom body paint, graphic designs and pricey interior treatments. But you don’t have to spend big bucks to make your RV uniquely customized for your own tastes. Inexpensive automotive contrasting pin striping can highlight