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Top 4 Ways To Ensure a Clean RV and Campsite

Top 4 Ways to Ensure a Clean RV and Campsite 1. Bring a Broom/Dust Pan— This may seem like common sense, but its imperative to sweep out the dirt, dust, leaves, etc to maintain a clean RV, (or tent), during the camp out.  And it is even more important to remember to clean up after your camp

Member Tip: Super Swiffers

Cleaning that awning just got easier with the use of a household-cleaning item called a Swiffer. You can clean both sides the awning rather easily, and if the pad get dry, just add a little household cleaner. Great idea! My wife thought of this, so I must give credit where credit is due. Editor’s note:

Keeping It Clean

Submitted By Harvey Hetrick of Torrance, California After several years of using aluminum foil as a splash guard around RV stove, we found an inexpensive and more durable product. Disposable cookie sheets do wonders. We can buy two for about $4, and they will last a very long time. The 15×10-inch size works fine. Simply