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Big Fun Year Round in Canton, East Texas

While Canton, Texas, is virtually synonymous with First Monday Trade Days, the city has plenty of big fun to offer the rest of the time, too. The Civic Center holds many different events throughout the year, including car shows, chili cook-offs, gun shows, and even beauty pageants. In addition to these niche events, Canton, TX, also

Central Florida’s Upcoming Events

Central Florida is a very popular vacation destination for anyone who needs a reprieve from those cold winter months up north. This region offers a variety of fantastic events that will have you thinking warm summertime thoughts in no time, and Sun RV Resorts has several vacation destinations nearby for quick and convenient access to

More Fuel Saving Technology and Upcoming Events

A lot of you will recall that I talked a few posts back about how different tires can affect fuel economy. Well, as it happens, a representative from Goodyear came into our shop last week to tell us about a line of tires and retreads with what they call “Fuel Max Technology”. They’re designed for