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3 Unearthly Idaho Ghost Town Trips

Go on a Ghost Town tour of the Gem State. Those shiny minerals, silver and gold, lured thousands of hopeful wannabes to Idaho to strike it rich during the gold rush of the late 1800s. After the dust of reality settled, Idaho’s mining towns plummeted from boom towns to ghost towns. Today, you can learn the fascinating

Idaho’s Amazing Craters of the Moon

Craters of the Moon, located near Arco, Idaho, is one of the most interesting geological sites in North America. Here, it is possible to climb to an elevation of 6,181-feet to reach the summit of Inferno Cone. From Loop Drive, the steep trail leading to the cinder cone’s summit is a 0.4-mile round trip hike

McCall RV Resort: A Peak Experience

The Pinnacle of Idaho RVing…An irresistible wilderness setting in the forested region of McCall, Idaho, transports one beyond the RV essentials of power, water and sewer, to an RV adventure that is sure to satisfy. Wildlife passing through, river-view sites, evergreen trees stretching skyward, cool mountain air…all in addition to top-notch RV accommodations such as