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Mardi Gras

Smoke rises from huge pots of gumbo and chili. Purple, green and gold flags flap in the wind. It’s Carnivale season and RVers join the revelers in RV parks and campgrounds along the Gulf Coast from Pensacola, Florida, to Galveston, Texas—and beyond. Confused by the terms? “I’m going to Mardi Gras!” we say, when we’re

Think You Know Mardi Gras? 5 Things You May Not Know

Do you know the meaning of krewe? Or the origin of Mardi Gras? Here you will find 10 things to know about Mardi Gras to make your Carnivale the best! Think you know Mardi Gras? Spectacular parades with beautiful and creative floats begin parading approximately two weekends prior to Mardi Gras Day. 1. Carnivale is

Fly South: Extending Your RV Season

Warm, late-season destinations to extend your RV season Now that summer’s warmest temperatures have largely blown away, replaced by cooler breezes coming in from the north, many campers choose to put in a few last weekends in their RVs before winterizing and storing them for the season. With less crowded campgrounds, ideal weather and beautiful