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Boulevard of America U.S. 80 – Part 4

The End of the Road – From Alabama to Tybee Island By Pam Selbert As we begin the fourth–and final–stretch of our cross-country trek following U.S. Highway 80 from San Diego, California to Tybee Island, Georgia, we drive into the “Heart of Dixie”–Alabama–near tiny Cuba. From here to Phenix City, the last stop before Georgia,

Boulevard of America U.S. 80 – Part 3

Sightseeing in the South Fort Worth/Dallas, TX to Shreveport, LA By Pam Selbert  The road trip that began in San Diego, California, follows Old U.S. Highway 80 to Yuma, Arizona, on to Dallas and continues to Alabama–but with a difference. West of Dallas, although it can still be driven on a patchwork of roads bearing