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Maintaining Your RV Refrigerator

Some of the most common RV problems stem from refrigerators. Refrigerators in RVs operate using an absorption system, which incorporates a completely different set of principles than those in compressor-driven household units. The RV is far more demanding than the relatively static residential environment. For example, RV refrigerators are required to operate on a variety of energy sources

Fridge Fix

Ohio Good Sam member Jack Rigby contacted Good Sam’s consumer advocacy program, Action Line, when the manufacturer of his RV’s refrigerator wouldn’t cover the cost to replace a faulty part:  During our recent summer journey, we spent 10 days in Houston before heading to Alaska in our Itasca Navion. The RV’s Norcold NG611 refrigerator was

Keep Your Cool

By Gary Bunzer As RV enthusiasts, we all appreciate fresh, chilled food and cool beverages from the refrigerator. We also enjoy the cool comforts of air conditioning, especially while traveling through hot, dry climates. But what exactly are these appliances really doing? What exactly is refrigeration? Refrigeration or “cold” is simply the absence of heat. But how does