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GMAC Storage Tips

How to store your RV in the winter so you’ll by happy next spring. A few hours spent winterizing your RV will pay big dividends when the weather turns nice again. And don’t forget to check your insurance policy for possible savings while your RV is in storage—that could pay big dividends as well. Here

RV Winterizing 101 (Part 2)

We enjoy using our RV as much as possible throughout the year.  But when you can’t use your RV, for whatever reasons and temperatures are approaching freezing, it’s important that you protect it. Last week I talked about preparing your RV’s interior, exterior and chassis for storage during the colder winter months. I mentioned at

RV Winterizing 101 (Part 1)

It’s always sad to come to the realization that another camping season is winding down.  Part of this realization is preparing the RV for winter storage, so it will be ready to go camping again next spring.  My guess is that most RV owners, especially those in cold climate regions, refer to this winter storage