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Prevent Water Leaks From Slide-topper Failure

Slide Out Awnings, sometimes called Toppers, are an important component in protecting the structural integrity of your RV slide out—especially with their ability to prevent environmental damage to the seals that surround your slide out. When extended, toppers protect the roof of a slide out from rain, dirt, debris (leaves and small branches) or snow.

Ask The RV Doctor – Tight Spot

Tight Spot Q: I have a 2000 Fleetwood 5th wheel and I have to fit it into a very unique spot but can’t utilize my pop-outs because of the height. Someone told me that I can remove the tires, axle and leaf springs and set it down on blocks. I’m a single mom with no

Slide Out Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions About Slideouts   RV Slide Out Slide-out Extensions Once a high-end luxury item, slide-out room systems have become a common feature on today’s RVs. With a simple touch of a button, campers increase their living space. There are three basic types of slide-out systems: 12-volt DC electric-motor, high-pressure hydraulic and hybrid systems.