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6 Great RV Galley Storage Solutions

Store more with some simple kitchen tips

I’ve said it before, there is never enough galley storage in an RV. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative to maximize your available space. These tips will help you make the best use of room. 1.Use Bulk Bins for Dry Food Dry food stores from bulk bins eliminate wasteful space-filling retail packaging, providing more

Tip for RVers: Coffee Talk

As is typical in many RVs, the upper cabinets in my trailer are a bit shallow and difficult to reach. However, since I need all the storage I can get, I devised a way to use these cabinets to their fullest potential. I discovered that large plastic coffee containers were a perfect fit for these

Better Storage

Our new motorhome has lots of basement storage space but one compartment is only 26 inches deep.As an alternative to using stackable storage tubs, I inserted in our basement bin two off-the-shelf 21x21x21-inch wire-basket frames, available in the shelving section of home-improvement stores. Each frame can hold from one to four sliding baskets. For one