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Mark My Words-Tire Pressure, Exhaust Vents and Driving with Your Propane On!

Hi, All. This month I’ll open the proverbial bag-o-worms by discussing driving with your propane on. Also, we’ll cover some tire issues and misc. I hope you enjoy reading along, and remember to submit your RV question to [email protected]  Happy trails! ——————————————————————————–   Mark: How do you determine if you have the correct tire pressure

Mark My Words—Propane, Batteries, Tires and Dry Camping

Hi folks! The dog days of summer are here! It’s a good time to seek out cooler climes in your RV. This month, we’ll talk about propane, batteries, tires, and dry camping. Remember to submit your RVing questions to [email protected] —————————————– Hi, Mark, We just bought a new TT that has a outlet for a

Mark My Words – 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers, Generators, Battery’s and Converters!

Hi all! I hope you’re enjoying the perfect RVing weather! Let’s get out there before it gets HOT! A neat selection of questions this month, thanks for sending them in. Remember; send your RV question to [email protected] ——————————- Hi, Mark, My wife and would like to trade in our travel trailer on a 5th wheel