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Hot-Water Surprise

Hot-Water Surprise Bob, this will not solve the original peoples’ hot-water problem (“Too Much Hot Water,” January 2007), but I did have a good chuckle when I first read about it in the April issue (“Too-Much-Hot-Water Solution”). The reason I chuckled is that this particular episode reminded me of one of our stays at Twin

RV Doctor – Musty Water Taste/Smell

Dear RV Doc, Our day/night blinds have broken threads. Is there a way to fix or re-thread them or should we purchase new ones? Both living area blinds broke only days apart. We also have a musty smell and taste in our water. What could we do to correct this problem? Should we drain our

LP Appliances- pilot type water heaters

In my last blog entry, I touched on the theory behind using a pilot and thermocouple as a flame safety device in an LP appliance. This week we’ll look at how it works in the most common RV application- an LP water heater. The 2 main RV water heater manufacturers are Atwood Mobile Systems and